Thursday, September 18, 2008


I think that everybody knows band Vinterriket, yes, its a one man Ambient project from Germany. So, I was very surprised when I find out that Vinterriket is playing a keyboards in one of my favorite band from Greece. You know, Germany and Greece? These lands are not really neighbours, don't you? But however, Nocternity is crossing the Black Metal scene from year 1996 and everything what they recorded croped a big success! I decided to post this not just because of their album covers, which are trully amazing, but because of their music, specially vocals shouldn't be unnoticed. Check it out, you will not be disapointed, the atmosphere is trully amazing! My recommendation for fans of Black Metal with Ambient elements!

Y: 2001 - A: En Oria

- Total playing time: 37:58 -

Download and Buy it.

Y: 2001 - A: Crucify Him (EP)

- Total playing time: 22:38 -

Download and Buy it.

Y: 2003 - A: Onyx

- Total playing time: 37:38 -

Download and Buy it.

Y: 2004 - A: A Fallen Unicorn (EP)

- Total playing time: 27:00 -

Download and Buy it.

Y: 2007 - A: Harps of the Ancient Temples (EP)

- Total playing time: 11:24 -

Download and Buy it.


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