Friday, November 14, 2008

Gernotshagen - Märe aus wäldernen Hallen

Gernotshagen is Pagan Black Metal band from Germany/Thuringia. This locality is known by a clear, beautiful nature with huge and wide forests, well, a truly source for not ending inspirations for band like this. Their lyrics also focus on myths and legends concerning their home region. Their music is something new on the field of Pagan Black and can't be simply classified or compared with other bands, this is a new age. Music is nicely melodic with lot of various solo parts, followed with in my opinion one of the best vocals today in this genre.
If you are more interested in old school, then you will hate it, but otherwise you will like it...

Y: 2007 - B: Gernotshagen - A: Märe aus wäldernen Hallen

1.Märe aus wäldernen Hallen - 03:00
2.Der alte Wald - 07:14
3.Dem Skirnir zu Ehren - 04:47
4.Widars Klagesturm - 07:12
5.Dragadhrond - 04:05
6.In Gedanken schon Walküren nah - 02:51
7.Schlachtensang der Einherjer - 08:53
8.Vali - 04:55
9.Skaid - 08:21
- Total playing time: 51:18 -

Download: Part1 & Part2, and Buy it.

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