Sunday, November 30, 2008


There are bands out, which are truly dangerous, insane and realy out of mind. Personally I never heard something so strong, confused and insane as Spektr. Spektr is a two man band from France, these guys are playing some Experimental-Psychedelic-Industrial-Brutal Black Metal-Ambient. You should not listen to this kind of music alone or in the late night hours, truly, you can get a brain damage from that :) So my advice, do not put this in your Mp3 players, just on your own responsibility. My highest non-recommendation for ordinary peope !

Y: 2004 - B: Spektr - A: Et Fugit Intera Fugit Irreparabile Tempus / No Longer Human Senses - T: Full-length

1. No Longer Human Senses - 09:30
2. Post Fatalism - 04:18
3. Reveal The Four Seals - 05:07
4. Nothing's Been Worth Saving (The Procession) - 05:41
5. A Return To The Flesh - 05:37
6. Wizened Hand - 08:14
7. ...With Only One Eye - 02:06
8. Confusion / The Persistence (Ending Contakt) - 06:48
Total playing time: 47:21

Download or Download, and Buy it.


Y: 2006 - B: Spektr - A: Near Death Experience - T: Full-length

Download link by brendo333
Alternative Download link


B: Spektr - A: Near Death Experience - T: Video


Y: 2007 - B: Spektr - A: Mescalyne - T: EP

1. Hollow Contact - 06:43
2. Mescalyne - 05:37
3. Maze of Torment - 04:57
4. Revelations - 05:41
Total playing time: 22:58

Download and Buy it.


N. November 30, 2008 at 8:12 PM  

It's really some of the best stuff out there. Mescalyne is their best!


Anonymous May 4, 2009 at 1:22 AM  

Spektr are truly the most innovative and inspiring act in today's bm. Can't wait for their next full-length!!

btw: if you like Spektr, I recommend you to search this great blog for "Haemoth", a somehow related project which is also very intense and definitely worth listening...especially the "Vice, Suffering and Destruction" album.

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