Thursday, October 8, 2020

Wholy Failure - may he keep the world for his people

Hey all,
As you've probably noticed, Khaaos, Fleshy, and myself have not been posting regularly for a LONG time. I haven't been getting many submissions to post, and I don't have any time to post any that I do. Also, I'm still angry that I ever gave Ghost Bath's fake-chinese bullshit a platform (seriously, such a stupid fucking gimmick).

Anyways, here's a new Wholy Failure EP for you. 3 un/partially-released songs that were all recorded after Sand In Our Eyes. I haven't been writing much as of late, but I wanted to get this out. I like to think of this as the spiriutal successor to "Abortion Eurcharist", so if you enjoyed that record, you probably will like this. If you were hoping for Tree of Human Debris pt II (or anything remotely black metal), I'm sorry and feel well and free to skip this.


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