Saturday, August 30, 2008

Absurd & Grand Belial's Key & Sigrblot - Weltenfeind (Split 2008)

Absurd & Grand Belial's Key & Sigrblot - Weltenfeind (Split 2008)

01. Weltenfeind 04:39
02. Black Hand of Death 02:51
03. Ulfhednir - Todesschwadron 07:05
04. Die Gesandten des Grauens 04:37
Grand Belial's Key
05. It Bribes the Heavens 08:24
06. Mourners Flock to Gethsemane 04:14
07. Yahweh's Charlatans 08:10
08. Can't Tell No One 01:18
09. Braadoedha Vindh (Diaevuls Andadraeth) 07:01
10. Exiles of the golden age 06:21
11. Varg I Veum 05:50
12. Kali Yuga Intifada 08:06


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mörk Gryning

Excellent black metal from Sweden, started out as some amazing black metal with strong epic composition and gradualy moved to a more progressive sound (last two albums) without losing the interesting riffs; the whole discography shines with excellent albums, really can't go wrong with this band; highly recommended!!

1994 - demo

1995 - Tusen år har gått...

1997 - Return Fire

2001 - Maelstrom Chaos

2003 - Pieces Of Primal Expressionism

2005 - Mörk Gryning

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Ibex Throne - Self titled

Raw, in your face, ugly as fuck black metal from the States, totally demonic stuff on this album, no holds barred compostion will really please all the fans of raw satanic black metal. Excellent album!!!

2003 - Ibex Throne

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Monday, August 25, 2008


One of my favorite hordes from Poland, Kriegsmaschine performs some amazing satanic black metal, incredible arrangement & composition all around; also one of the few black metal bands that not only has hearable bass but the actual bass lines are fucking nice!!! Highly recommended!!

2003 - Possessed by Utter Hate / The Flame That Burns Inside (split / Szron)

2003 - Devotee

2004 - A Thousand Voices

2005 - Altered States of Divinity

2006 - Split w/ Szron

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Elite - We own the mountains (2008)

Elite was founded in 2001 by Tor Arne Fallingen and Torgeir Nordahl in Mo I Rana, Norway. Their style is in the black end of metal, with influences from old-school blackmetal bands which has given them their rough sound.
In 2002 additional members were recruited and instead of releasing demos Elite’s first release was a split 7” EP with Carbon from Australia.
In January 2004 another split EP was released together with Seeds of Hate from Germany. In the same month and actually on the same day Elite also released their debut album “Kampen” and received great reviews worldwide yet never managed to reach out to a lot of listeners.
In 2005 the MCD “Bekmørkt” was released and after a few line-up changes Elite’s second album “Bifrost” was recorded and released in March 2006. Following the “Bifrost” release the band has been playing live and plan to continue doing so in the future.

Elite - We own the mountains (2008)


EgoNoir - Der Pfad Zum Fluss

Hailing from Germany, EgoNoir plays some excellent black metal with quite a few doom elements, slow brooding melodies with tortured vocals and some occasional fast parts, really incredible atmosphere on this album, fans of Todesstoss, Elysian Blaze & Kermania will love this. Recommended!!!

2007 - Der Pfad Zum Fluss

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Friday, August 22, 2008


Raw black metal from France, truly devastating band, some of the best guitar sound out there, the riffs truly sound like rusty razors cutting virgin flesh; Excellent in your face composition with excellent misanthropic vocals. One of the best from France; Highly recommended!!!

1999 - Hate

1999 - Hell Grace

2002 - Demonic Prophecies (Split w/ Hellstatt)

2002 - Apokalyptik Rehearsal

2003 - Mortuales Delecti (Split w/ Ad Noctem)

2003 - Satanik rehearsal (Underground terrorism)

2003 - Satanik Terrorism

2004 - Vice, Suffering and Destruction

2005 - Kontamination (CD version)

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Incursus - Incursus (EP 2005)

Underground Raw Black Metal band from USA.

Incursus - Incursus (EP 2005)


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Desaster - Angelwhore

Cult blackened thrash band from Germany, this album is probably among my favorites by them, some of their best songs (imo) on this one. Can't go wrong here!!

2005 - Angelwhore

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Fucking excellent black metal from Texas, features Blood Moon Ausar from Crimson Moon on vocals, this is truly dark stuff, the first album is some of the best dark raw black metal I heard in a long while, truly devastating; The new album is more melodic but without losing the dark edge; The vocals are also a strong point here, BMA really has some truly demonic vocals! Highly recommended!!!

2006 - They Who Abideth Amidst the Poison

download [320kbps]

2008 - In Desolationem Per Nefandum

download [320kbps]
FLAC: part1 / part2

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CYT / Hostis / Drastus - From the Womb of Ferocious

Excellent split album between these "new" black metal bands, CYT plays some really good modern black metal, the songs presented here are a bit more raw then the polished debut; Hostis is a dark ambient / industrial project, excellent stuff, very good atmosphere; Drastus is just pure well played black metal. Very much recommended!!

2005 - From the Womb of Ferocious

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Enslaved - Vertebrae (2008)

A new album by Enslaved.

Enslaved - Vertebrae (2008)


Dødheimsgard / DHG

Another repost since the old links are dead, added some material over the older post. I don't think this band needs much introduction, amazing stuff!

1995 - Kronet Til Konge

1996 - Monumental Possession

1998 - Satanic Art

1999 - 666 International

2005 - Mørk Skog

2007 - Supervillain Outcast

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