Monday, May 31, 2010

Evilfeast - Wolves of Hyperborean Frost

Newest tape from Poland’s finest. Two songs, one black metal one ambient, no description needed here…

2009 - Wolves of Hyperborean Frost

download [vbr v2]

Peste Noire - Ballade cuntre lo Anemi Francor

Third album from these awesome Frenchman. I haven’t listened to the second album but this album is more “up beat” compared with the debut but still filled with excellent compositions that get under your skin, also features weird interludes that give it a unique mood. A bit short but still an incredibly enjoyable release!

2009 - Ballade cuntre lo Anemi Francor

download [320kbps / flac 1|2]

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Sterbeklang - Leere

Amazing atmospheric black metal from Germany; simple yet effective melodies with fast monotonous drumming transport you into a world of pure trance, this is so well made that you won’t even care of the unoriginality. Highly recommended!

2009 - Leere

download [320kbps]

buy here

Okkultokrati - Knarkskog

Incredibly fun punkish balck metal from Norway; short and to the point songs with killer riffs and great vocals, can’t go wrong here!

2009 - Knarkskog

download [vbr v2]

Distorted Cognitions - Incipient/Proletariat

Utterly insane industrialized black metal from this mysterious one-man band. This stuff sounds like it was recorded by fucking robots in some post-apocalyptic wasteland; the sound is beyond distorted and filled with earsplitting effects, ugly and utterly brilliant!

2008 - Incipient/Proletariat

download [256kbps]

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Excellent black metal from this “black twilight circle” band. Dissonant riffs mixed with insane vocals and a raw production that gives it a chaotic feel, great stuff!

2005 - Shadow Plays of Grief and Pain

download: [320kbps / flac 1|2]

2007 - Where the Sun is Silent...

download: [320kbps / flac]

buy here for dirt cheap

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Aske - Saatan Legio / Goatfuck

Excellent black metal from Finland; bitchin' riffs, awesome vocals and a fitting raw sound. Recommended!!

2008 - Saatan Legio / Goatfuck

download [320kbps]

buy here

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bloodoline - Storm & Brilliance

One of the more underrated albums out there, released in ’05, this is one of my personal favorites from Spain. The album is full of memorable songs, the riffs are just insanely good and the vocals add a slightly psychedelic feel, everything is just perfectly apocalyptic and reminds me of both early and later Dodheimsgard. An absolutely mandatory listen!

2005 - Storm & Brilliance

download [192kbps]

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Utarm - Minus the Divine

Perfect trance inducing black metal influenced drone, Skullflower meets Abruptum, music to let the mind drift… magnificent!

2009 - Minus the Divine

download [vbr v2]

buy here

Monday, May 10, 2010


Debut demo from this new US band playing atmospheric black metal; very much in the vein of other Cascadian bands, so if you’re into that check them out!

2010 - Addaura

download [256kbps]

buy here

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Algor Mortis - Die Freiheit des denkenden Geistes

Debut album from this new German band. Powerful black metal with a huge sound, reminds me a bit of Lunar Aurora, incredibly enjoyable release! Be sure to buy it while you can, this is limited to 300 copies and can be purchased directly from the band.

2010 - Die Freiheit des denkenden Geistes

download [320kbps]

buy here

Cascadian BM movie

I recently received an email from a Mr. Charles Spano, who is planing on creating an "experimental documentary" on NWBM. In his own words:

"This short, experimental documentary will combine B&W, slow-motion portraiture of members of the Cascadian Black Metal community with footage of them in wide, color landscapes, and non-digetic interview audio. I DO NOT in any way want to try to analyze or explain Black Metal culture, rather I’d like to give a deeply impressionistic view of members of this community. This will largely be accomplished with the emotive and aggrandizing qualities of portraiture which, using slow-motion, building sound design, and forest and snowy locations will have a genuine epic feeling."

At least it probably won't be as bad as "Until the Light Takes us". So if this is something you wanna see, go to his website and read more on it.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Moon - Apparitions

Atmospheric black metal from Australia; mesmerizing music that pulls you in a world of its own, excellent release!

2008 - Apparitions

download [320kbps]

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Triumphator - В частицах памяти

Ugly lo-fi black metal from Russia; decaying soundscapes reminiscent of early Burzum with the catacomb-like production of Defuntos, recommended!

2009 - В частицах памяти

download [320kbps]

Monday, May 3, 2010


Aptly named, Hell conjure a horrowing and oddly bleak atmosphere with this tape. Mixing black metal, sludge, ambient, and drone, Hell gets your head banging and at other times it gets you holding the sheets tight. The juxtapositions are clear, as one track trudges in a super heavy and dark sludge tone, then goes to long stretches of noises and other effects eventually back to riffs. Black metal in terms of atmosphere, production, and vocals, sludge in terms of structure and guitar playing, and overall droning. This is the USA Hell, from Oregon.

I really like this, very minimal, and a great mixture of sludge/doom and black metal. Similar, but very different than Fleshpress (a lot less sludgey, more attention to atmosphere and all things grim). Highly recommended.

Hell- 2009

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kathaarsys - Verses In Vain

Second album from this excellent Spanish band. Really well made progressive black / death metal, song-writing and production are both of the highest level; musically sounds like a black metal version of Opeth. They’re currently on a European tour, be sure to support them if they play near you, also for those into technical stuff like Ephel Duath, check out their last album, it’s available for download on their myspace.

2007 - Verses In Vain

download [vbr v2]

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