Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Xasthur - All Reflections Drained

To make it official for everyone, the new release from the legendary Suicidal Black Metal band Xasthur is out ! Personally I didn’t listen it yet, but that will happen soon. See here if you are looking for more depression...

Y: 2009 - B: Xasthur - A: All Reflections Drained - T: Full-length
1. Dirge Forsaken - 05:41
2. Maze of Oppression - 05:13
3. Achieve Emptiness: Part II - 04:39
4. Masquerade of Incisions - 15:33
5. Damage Your Soul - 04:52
6. Inner Sanctum Surveillance - 07:02
7. Obfuscated in Oblivion - 05:25
8. All Reflections Drained - 07:57
Total playing time: 56:42

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Malveillance - L'Appel du Neant / Le Froid du Nord

No introduction needed here, compilation featuring two demo cassettes with bonus tracks that feature covers from Ramones, Queers and two others I haven’t figured out who they’re from (chainsaw massacre and that’s that ??). Mandatory!!!

2008 - L'Appel du Neant / Le Froid du Nord

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VERY FEW copies left so get'em while you can!!!!)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Storming Darkness - Sin-Thesis

Excellent debut from this Russian band. Raw unholy black metal done right, it takes a couple of listens to really sink in but it’s definitely worth it. The song-writing is great, and the atmosphere has a truly evil vibe to it. Great stuff!

2008 - Sin-Thesis

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Der Weg Einer Freiheit

Debut album by this young German band. Seeing the cover and the rise with all those “depressive” black metal bands (not that I have anything against those, mind you) I thought I’d get a copy of a copy of Hypothermia or something, instead I was surprised to find some really competent fast riff-based black metal; real good stuff, reminiscent of maybe Nagelfar, but without the huge sound. There are some instrumental bm songs which is refreshing, although the drum machine can sometimes be real tedious. Personally I think this release should have been released as a demo, the band has real potential, and there are some really memorable moments here but there is also room for improvement.
Highly recommended!!

2009 - Der Weg Einer Freiheit

download [VBR V2]

I Shalt Become - The Pendle Witch Trials

The new I Shalt Become is here!
See here if you want some more from them...

Y: 2009 - B: I Shalt Become - A: The Pendle Witch Trials - T: Full-length

1. Intro - 01:46
2. Enstasy (The Theory of Maxwell's Demon) - 05:23
3. The Serpent Song - 04:53
4. A Ritual Killing - 04:56
5. The Tragedie of Macbeth: Actus Quintus, Scena Quinta - 03:17
6. End Time - 03:48
7. Denial - 04:15
8. In Absentia - 04:32
9. Outro - 02:08
Total playing time: 34:58

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Razor of Occam - Homage To Martyrs

Debut album, features members of Destroyer 666 and The One. Fucking excellent black metal with thrash influences, really top-notch musicianship as can be expected from such a line-up. The songs are relentless barrages of kick-ass riffs and blistering solos. The production is crystal clear, which may put-off some people, but doesn’t take away anything from the spirit of the recording. This is a keeper for sure!

2009 - Homage To Martyrs

download [VBR V2]

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bahimiron - Southern Nihilizm

Second album by this Texan horde released last year. Good riff driven black metal, the music sounds almost like a mix of Nightbringer and Dagon. Nothing out of this world, but quite enjoyable, especially if you’re a fan of aforementioned bands.

2008 - Southern Nihilizm

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ars Manifestia - The Red Behind

Second album by this amazing Italian one man band (now relocated to Norway). A more “mature” follow up, still extremely atmospheric yet more diverse; a lot more melodic parts that sometimes remind me of early Alcest. The composition is truly top-notch, and like the debut has that old-school feel with a slightly more modern touch.
This project definitely deserves more attention, the debut was incredible and this release just proves that Harmful still has a lot to offer. Essential!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Blood Red Fog - Radiating Desolation

EP from ’08, slow raw Finnish black metal, great composition, maybe not as good as their latest offering but still very competent, the last song basically makes this one worth having. A must for all fans of Finnish black metal!

2008 - Radiating Desolation

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Agatus - The Weaving Fates

Second album, released back in ’02. Total classic! Epic black metal with that distinct Greek sound, quite a few traditional metal influences, absolutely top-notch songwriting and production; just gets better with time, cannot recommend this enough; mandatory!!!

2002 - The Weaving Fates

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kratornas - The Corroding Age of Wounds

Second album by this long running Philippine one-man band. This is my first taste of the band and I must say it’s quite a positive one; black / thrash metal done right, really great dynamic songwriting, I have to say I found myself enjoying this album more then I thought I would, the songs are usually quite long (for this genre) and the album as a whole is really long, also the drum machine is really noticeable, nevertheless the whole album is really well written and keeps everything interesting so that I never felt that it’s dragging pointlessly. 
To summarize: highly recommended!!!

2009 - The Corroding Age of Wounds

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Aguynguerran - Perverting The Nazarene Cult

Excellent debut from this Belgian horde featuring an Enthroned member; you can definitely hear the resemblance with them, sounds quite similar to their last album; great fast paced black metal with some nice solos, everything is riff based with even some seldom used death metal riffs. Also features a Nifelheim cover. Recommended!

2008 - Perverting The Nazarene Cult

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Reaktor 4

Debut album from this new Swedish band. Industrialized black metal; hateful, ugly and apocalyptic! The composition is quite monotonous, which is great as it really gives an apocalyptic aura to the atmosphere. An absolute must for fans of industrialized music!

2009 - Reaktor 4

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Lugubrum - Heilige Dwazen

Sixth album by these crazy Belgians, released in ’05. Those familiar with their newer material probably know what to expect; really odd black metal, can’t explain their music, they sound almost like a garage rock black metal band with a saxophone, sometimes laid back yet very much in the confides of black metal. Also, I believe this their only album to feature all lyrics in English and they are seriously fucked up and ridiculous in a totally awesome way. Definitely an acquired taste, but extremely enjoyable!

2005 - Heilige Dwazen

download [192kbps]

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Endstille - Instinct (video)

A video just for a change, this is probably one of my favorite songs by Endstille. Basically featuring only footage of war; this is how a black metal video should look like, no fancy corpse paint or similar bullshit, just war, death…and tanks!!!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Regnum - Weil Alles Einst Zerbrechen Muss

Excellent release by this German one-man band. Doom laden black metal with a truly melancholic sound, especially the first half of which has such a perfectly spot-on atmosphere. The only downside of the release is the lack of consistency in sound, especially with the second half, but that’s hardly surprising as this is a compilation of various unreleased songs. Nevertheless I strongly urge everyone to get this, if nothing else for the first eight songs that basically put to shame most bands playing this style!

2006 - Weil Alles Einst Zerbrechen Muss [2008 CD version]

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Enthroned - Tetra Karcist

Eight album, released in ’07. First album since Sabathans departure, in my eyes somewhat of a small rebirth for the band. Really strong songwriting and composition, the sound is similar to their previous few works, except that the overall sound is more powerful and just feels more energetic. There are some truly memorable songs on this one, also features guest backing vocals on one track by MkM of Antaeus. Extremely recommended!

2007 - Tetra Karcist [Digipak edition]

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Regnum Umbra Ignis - Unforetelling Philosophism

Debut album by this excellent Brazilian horde. Brutal raw black metal, really powerful composition with some hints of death metal, also some slightly more atmospheric parts can be found. Although, in my opinion, not as good as their demo compilation this is an excellent release worthy of attention!
Also features a Darkthrone cover.

2005 - Unforetelling Philosophism

download [320kbps]

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blood Red Fog / Funerary Bell - Split

Excellent Finnish black metal presented by these two artists, mid-tempo with excellent atmosphere; the two songs by BRF are really good, especially the first one which is fucking perfect, makes me go listen to their early releases to see what I’ve missed. The material by Funerary Bell is quite similar, not as memorable but still good.

2009 - Split CD

download [VBR V2]

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wolves in the Throne Room - Black Cascade

Now tell me what should I say, once again a new Wolves in the Throne Room is out! Something amazing! See here for previous .09 release from this famous US Black Metal band!

Y: 2009 - B: Wolves in the Throne Room - A: Black Cascade - T: Full-length

1. Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog - 10:33
2. Ahrimanic Trance - 14:05
3. Ex Cathedra - 10:58
4. Crystal Ammunition - 14:20
Total playing time: 49:56


Ash Pool - Saturns Slave

New EP by Ash Pool; pure raw black metal bliss! Very limited so I suggest getting a copy before its oop.

2009 - Saturns Slave

download [320kbps]

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more ash pool

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Black Seas of Infinity / Daemon Infernum - Split

Mysterious split release featuring BSoI back when they were playing black metal and Daemon Infernum. Both artists play some really excellent raw black metal, BSoI’s were probably taken from a rehearsal, very crappy production but I wouldn’t have it any other way, there are also some chanting vocals used which add an excellent occult feel. Daemon Infernum songs are also similar in atmosphere, but with better “production”; it’s also interesting that I couldn’t find any info about them. Even though obscure as fuck, this release is really fucking good and I urge all fans of occult raw black metal to check it out!

2005 - Split

[This is not the real cover of this release]

download [320kbps]

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lathspell - Versus Ecclesia

Debut album from ’06. Raw black metal with that specific Finnish sound, think a mix of Horna and Warloghe. The songwriting is quite competent with enough variation to keep it interesting. Recommended to all fans of raw black metal.

2006 - Versus Ecclesia

download [192kbps]

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Trancelike Void - Unveiling the Silent Arms of Despair

Latest EP from this excellent project; slow atmospheric black metal perfection, the music sounds like a slowed down Alcest, almost beautiful in its despair. Great stuff!

2008 - Unveiling the Silent Arms of Despair

download [192kbps]

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Destroying Something Beautiful & What Night Brings...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Howling Wind - Pestilence & Peril

Debut album, eight songs of pure musical terror! This project can be seen as a continuation of Thralldom. Dark and oppressive black metal, the production is perfect; dark and raw. Musically very similar to Thralldom, more riff-based and with less effects but with the same atmosphere of terror; Essential!!

2007 - Pestilence & Peril

download [VBR V2]

Clandestine Blaze - Church of Atrocity

Finnish black metal at its best, raw, ugly and dark; One of my favorite albums by CB, also features one of their best songs, Unforgiven Acts. Mandatory!!

2006 - Church of Atrocity

download [320kbps]

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Horned Almighty - Contaminating The Divine

New album, nine compositions of pure blackend thrash metal; the music sometimes reminds me of IXXI, but with a thrashy vibe. Extremely enjoyable material!!!

2009 - Contaminating The Divine

download [VBR V2]

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Updated the Darkestrah post, be sure to check it out!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gehenna - WW

Sixth album from this Norwegian horde, released back in ’05. While on their previous two releases they ventured into a more death metal sound this album marked Gehenna’s glorious return to black metal. Absolutely pitch black metal in the vein of the best Nordic bands, excellent drumming (courtesy of Frost) and perfect songwriting. The amazing vocals, reminiscent of Attila, add a truly menacing atmosphere to the release. Definitely one of the better Norwegian black metal offerings in recent times!

2005 - WW

download [VBR 320kbps]

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