Monday, February 25, 2013

Wholy Failure - Abortion Eucharist

Just so I can say I fucking warned you and don't have to deal with the usual deluge of bullshit which comes with the territory:


That said, I thought I'd give you fuckers a look at the new Wholy Failure album. If you liked the last record (Avalon and Everything After), you might like the second half of this record, as it's the dark, moody post rock/post punkish vibe of the prior. The first half is just fucking weird. Beats, electronica, nods to noisy dance music, and what sounds like Swans joining forces with a martial band to make music to make babies to. Again, its not even close to black metal (excluding the vibes of the second half), but I know some of you all really liked the weirder shit that WF does, so there you go.

Sangre Y Tierra - En Los Arboles Que Florecen

So here is the newest Sangre Y Tierra EP. He specifically asked to have it posted here before anywhere else, because, due to the more personal nature of this recording, wanted to share it with the people who first noticed his music and gave support. Another great release from one of the most inventive and refreshing black metal artists currently making music.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sorry for wait/Sangre Y Tierra audio documentary

I know. You've sent demos and records. And I work 39 hours of the day. Rest assured, my friends, we will forge on. I'd add one of you to help me but only Khaos can do that and he is AWOL.

If you've read any of our blog, you'll know we love Sangre Y Tierra. This is a radio piece that was done on Marv by a friend of his. Nick from Disguster features some thoughts too. Listen to it and gain some insight on the most unique USBM musician.

Listen Here

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