Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kathaaria - The Complex Void Of Negativity

Debut album from this mysterious German band; Black metal with progressive touches, reminds me of CYT in places and the vocals remind me a lot of some band, too bad I can’t remember which haha. A must for all fans of “modern” black metal like Deathspell Omega!

2008 - The Complex Void Of Negativity

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Taake - A Night of Fog...

Live bootleg, recorded in Holland back in ’02; features a 40 minute set with the best songs from their first two albums plus a Celtic Frost cover. The sound quality is ok, it also features the “Der Vinterstormene Raste” demo by Thule (pre-Taake).

2004 – A Night Of Fog…

download [224kbps]

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fauna - the hunt

Second release, unfortunately out of print. Again a single song, this time almost 80 minutes long! This one is more doom laden and atmospheric then the first one, but again I can’t bring to words how truly incredible this release is to me. Hopefully this will get reissued, because I find it sad that a release of such quality should remain self-released and out of print.
Can’t recommend this enough, essential!!!

2007 - the hunt

RELEASE REMOVED BY REQUEST OF ARTIST, reissue coming later this year on Aurora Borealis

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hirilorn - Revenge Is Near

Only live album officially released, featuring a recording from ’99. Personally this is my favorite release by them, features the best songs from their repertoire plus a Mayhem cover and the live sound gives it a nice raw edge. Definitely one of my favorite live bm albums, recommended!

2004 - Revenge Is Near

download [194(VBR)kbps]

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fauna - rain

Debut release from ’06 by this mysterious new band. An exceptional release, only one huge 63 minute song. It starts slowly building into a beautiful acoustic piece and around the 20 minute mark the black metal storm starts and it engulfs the song until the end. I won’t waste more words on this as this is one of the most incredible releases I heard lately; comparisons could be made with Drudkh and Wolves in the Throne Room, but Fauna clearly have their own sound. Exceptional!!!

2006 - Rain

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Hirilorn - Depopulate (Prelude to Apocalypse)

EP featuring some of the last studio material of the band; the songs are a bit more aggressive then the ones from their previous releases, also this is the first Hirilorn release where you can hear riffs that would later be so prominent in Deathspell Omega. Good stuff!

1999 - Depopulate (Prelude to Apocalypse)

download [160kbps]

Sunday, January 25, 2009

L'Acephale - Mord und Totsclag

Second release from this US band, this was still a one-man project when recorded. Amazing raw black metal mixed with ambient, the bm parts remind me a bit of Akitsa with the manic vocals while the ambience creates a really incredible atmosphere of dread; The album also has one of the best outro songs I ever heard, a simple reflective and repetitive atmospheric song that ends perfectly the album. I’m expecting big things from this band, especially now that it has a full line-up (with Markus Wolff!!).
My highest recommendations!!!

2005 - Mord und Totsclag

download [320kbps]

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hirilorn - Legends of Evil and Eternal Death

First and only album, out of print for quite some time. Four songs, all clocking over 10 minutes in length; Great melodic black metal with lot’s of memorable parts. The album is a bit hard to get into due to the lead guitar being a bit too high in the mix, but that aside this is an exceptional release and a must for all fans of melodic black metal!

1998 - Legends of Evil And Eternal Death

download [231(VBR)kbps]

Friday, January 23, 2009

VA - Blazebirth Hall - Hammerkrieg

At first, please DO NOT comment anything else, just the MUSIC!
This is a compilation of the elite Russian NS Black Metal hordes, that are the Blazebirth Hall Circle. Cold freezing atmospheres with inspiration from Darkthrone's Transilvanian Hunger & Under Funeral Moon. See the tracklist below to find out more, there are some sonorous names...

Y: 2004 - B: VA - Blazebirth Hall - A: Hammerkrieg - T: Compilation

1. Asgard Flames - 07:22
4. The Triumph of W.O.T.A.N. - 06:40
2. Journey in Return - 07:40
9. Inhaling the Murder - 07:27
3. To A Frigid Luminary of The Night - 09:33
5. Horrid Storms - 03:24
8. Raven Fierce - 05:51
11. The Steel Strings of the Spirit - 14:09
Raven Dark
6. In the Opening of SIEG - 03:23
10. Eternal Freezing Moon - 05:09
7. In the Middle of Death, In the Face of Life - 08:48
Total playing time: 01:17:22

Download or Download / Info

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Totenburg - Art und Kampf

5 song EP by this German band. Well composed riff-driven black metal with some nice catchy parts, the vocals and composition are also worthy. Nothing original but well made!

2005 - Art und Kampf

download [320kbps]

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

L'Acephale - Book of Lies

7” from ’05, when this was still a one-man band. Really fucking excellent raw black metal, both songs are incredible. The effects and ambience used really make the songs stand-out, very subtle yet incredibly effective. Great stuff!

2005 - Book of Lies

download [202(VBR)kbps]

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hellacaust - Disgust

Third album by this Canadian horde. Excellent release, totally killer black metal with some hints of thrash and death; Great relentless in-your-face composition with awesome riffs and solos, all complimented by great production.
Highly recommended!!!!!

2008 - Disgust

download [320kbps]

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Hirilorn / Merrimack - Split Tape

Split tape featuring two great French bands. Hirilorn’s side has only two songs, one taken from the full-length and a cover of Mayhem’s classic “Pagan Fears”. Merrimack’s side has probably the best material I heard from them, excellent melodic black metal with great dark atmosphere.

1998 - Split Tape

download [192kbps]

Friday, January 16, 2009

Nightbringer - Death and the Black Work

Over 3 years in the process of being conceived, the highly anticipated and long awaited debut NIGHTBRINGER album is finally unveiled. "Death and the Black Work" embodies nearly 66 minutes of audile sulfur and poison; a ritual descent unto the greater Death, the initiatic moment. Endowed with a massive voidal production and poised craft, NIGHTBRINGER preserve the traditional ancient Black Metal spirit and aesthetic within their Chthonic art whilst also manifesting their own personal and unique identity and sound, descending into the corrosive waters of Lethe, falling into the two-fold Death.

worth the wait, excellent release!!!

2008 - Death and the Black Work

download [320kbps]
FLAC: part1/part2/part3

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Desolation Triumphalis - Forever Bound to Nothingness

Forever Bound to Nothingness is the first and last official full-length album ever recorded from the good known France Raw/Depressive Black Metal band Desolation Triumphalis. The melodic composition with organic elements in the background is done very well and followed by a deep, raw and tortured vocals. In my opinion an masterpiece which should not be forgotten!
Fucking mandatory release!

Y: 2006 - B: Desolation Triumphalis - A: Forever Bound to Nothingness - T: Full-length

1. Forever Bound To Nothingness - 06:01
2. The Eternal Revolution - 04:50
3. Condemned - 05:04
4. Arcane of Supreme Rise - 07:44
5. The Reign of Desolation - 05:02
6. Embracing Void And Darkness - 04:36
Total playing time: 33:17

Download / Info / Buy

* See below if you are looking for one of the three official splits from this band

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ekpyrosis - Mensch aus Gold

Excellent debut from this new German band playing progressive black metal. Only one half hour song; everything is as it should be, from the composition to the production, the album never gets boring throught the song. There are also some progressive touches yet the band stays within the bounderies of the genre. Highly recommended, one of the best debuts of last year!

2008 - Mensch aus Gold

download [320kbps] or FLAC: part1 / part2

buy here

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hirilorn - A Hymn to the Ancient Souls

First demo by this excellent French band. Amazing melodic black metal, breathtaking composition complimented by excellent production and vocals; only three bm songs, but they’re so fucking good. Even though only a demo it’s superior to most albums out there, truly a remarkable release!

1997 - A Hymn to the Ancient Souls

download [192kbps]

Monday, January 12, 2009

Inward Escape - Sacred Nothing

Debut album, one man band from Australia. Inward Escape plays very interesting avant-garde black metal; very unique composition, lots of ambient parts, the first half of the album is more black metal, and the second half is instrumental. All in all a very interesting release, recommended for all those that are looking for something different.

2004 - Sacred Nothing

download [225(VBR)kbps]

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Russian band, one of the better known from the BlazeBirth Hall lot; Branikald plays excellent atmospheric black metal, they really have a unique style although not very varying since quite a few albums sound similar to each other. There are also sung parts on some albums, they are especially prominent on the last release. Personal favorite is definitely their first release, Stormheit. Highly recommended for fans of raw, primitive and atmospheric black metal.

1994 - Stormheit

download [320kbps]

1995 - To Kampf

download [320kbps]

1996 - Рдяндалир - Rdjandalir

download [ogg@320kbps]

1996 - Varg Fjerne A Tornet

download [256kbps]

1997 - Av VinterKald / Winterkald

go here

1997 - Kveldulv

download [256kbps]

1998 - Life Betrayal To The Life Denial

download [256kbps]

1998 - Хмель Мизантропии / The Mead of Misanthropy

download [256kbps]

1999 - Хладавзор / Blikk Av Kald / Frost Vision

download [320kbps]

2000 - ВдохновеньСтрун НатутаСталь / The Strings of Inspiration Sing

download [256kbps]

2000 - Раздувая Тинг Ветров - Rising up the Thing of the Winds

download [192kbps]

2000 - Тингов наслаждаясь распрей - Ravished by the Battle of Things

download [192kbps]

2001 - Триумф Воли - The Triumph of the Will

download [256kbps]

buy here

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