Monday, August 31, 2009

The Ruins of Beverast - Rain upon the Impure vinyl bonus

here's something special for the final day of august, two bonus tracks from the vinyl version of Rain Upon the Impure, Retaliationrite of the Iconoclasm & Hours of the Aequinox; enjoy it!
Huge thanks to Barron K. for this one!!!

2006 - Rain upon the Impure (2 vinyl bonus tracks)

download [vbr v2]

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Altar Shadows - Speckledy Falcons

From Lithuania, once largest country in Europe, emerges Altar Shadows!
Folk/Pagan Metal blending electric and acoustic music, ambient soundscapes, original lyrics and classical Lithuanian poetry, male and female vocals to create a memorable work that summons the ancient spirit from the shadows of false temples.
In the vein of bands such as DRUDKH, EMPYRIUM, ANUBI, early OBTEST and should be sought out by fans of Kroda, Burzum, Arkona, Nokturnal Mortum, Temnozor, Velimor, et al. for the combination of folk, pagan and black metal. However always remaining an original and visionary brand of metal.

2007 - Speckledy Falcons

download: [320kbps] | flac: 1 / 2

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Arcana Coelestia - Le Mirage de l'Idéal

After the brilliant feedback of the previous "Ubi Secreta Colunt" the mystical creature Arcana Coelestia comes back with "Le Mirage de L'idéal", a superb merging of dreamlike guitar riffs, evocative singing, but without fleeing away from the funeral doom’s heaviness.
Arcana Coelestia is one of the three creatures of MZ, mastermind of Urna and Locus Mortis, this chapter features also the collaboration of Sephrenel of Absentia Lunae as bass player.
This new opus will become a dangerous trip for those into Primordial, Anathema, Shape of Despair, My Dying Bride, Summoning, Novembre, Esoteric and Alcest.

personally, much better then their debut.

2009 - Le Mirage de l'Idéal

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Myrkr - Black Illumination

Pure Black Metal imbued with the atmosphere of true spiritual darkness and dedicated to the annihilation of human life, "Black Illumination" is the debut full-length album from underground Irish horde MYRKR. Seven soul-draining anthems to nothingness, this is the true sound of existential despair and loathing. Deadly serious in both its intentions and execution, "Black Illumination" assaults the listener with its raw blasting attack. MYRKR embodies the spirit of the darkest traditions of Black Metal in their quest to explore the limits of human experience and their harsh yet melodic sound is mesmerising in its bleak relentlessness.

2009 - Black Illumination

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Emerna - Mortem Animalium

Emerna's Mortem Animalium is that kind of music what I like to have in my playlist, after I finished with Spektr, Nathrakh or with other kind of madness. It make's me calm but still and somehow pumped up :) Emerna is a Iranian one-man project formed in year 1999, which plays some high enjoyable mournful Ambient/Black Metal with lot's of poetry lyrics, performed with well done angry raspy vocals, and followed by some ambient elements in the background.

The other side of the coin are the voices around Emerna's trustworthy. I heard, that this project(maybe other's too) of Hamid M.A. is a big fake, everything created on PC with music software etc., also that's the reason why was every project from Hamid M.A removed from Encyclopaedia Metallum site. Maybe some Iranian visitors could tell us the truth :) Anyway, make you your own 'statement' to the whole thing and give him a try for sure !

If you want some other stuff see here, and for other Hamid M.A projects check: Avinar, Shab and 1000 Funerals...

Y: 2007 - B: Emerna - A: Mortem Animalium - T: Full-length

1. A Lengthening Ray - 03:50
2. Esoteric Digression - 08:50
3. Ambiguous Delirium - 08:45
4. Conclusive Evidence - 09:20
5. When I Die ... (Bonus) - 06:15
Total playing time: 37:01

Download or Download / Info / MySpace
-It hasn't been released by a label but recorded and financed by Hamid M.A himself-

Blaze Of Perdition / Pseudogod - In the Void and Serpent, The Spirit is One

six sinister sermons held by two ofthe most promising orthodox acts emerging from the cursed eastern soils. Now, the time has come to witness the advent of dysangelists in wrath...

2009 - In the Void and Serpent, The Spirit is One

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Häive - Mieli Maassa

Deeply rooted in the nature and traditions of his native homeland, mastermind Varjosielu created a wonderful fusion of wistful and melancholic Folk with Finnish Black Metal, combining the classic Metal weaponry with folk instruments such as a self-made 10-string Kantele or mouth-harp. The result is a perfect symbiosis of aforementioned styles which might appeal to fans of other Finnish acts such as October Falls or Tenhi but can hardly be compared to any band in particular.

2007 - Mieli Maassa

download [vbr v2]

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Diamatregon - Crossroad

Record number three from this French black metal horde. A concept record of sorts, influenced heavily by THE BLUES, hence, Crossroad. Buzzing, blasting, blurred black metal fury, but with a strange melodic undercurrent, close listening does in fact reveal some blues, but those blues are buried beneath a roiling black sea of furious guitars, wild drum blasts and howled vokills, gloriously grim, noise drenched and black. Whow ould have thought that members of distorto psych rockers the Gunslingers and avant alchemical post rockers Aluk Todolo were capable of such black brutality...

2009 - Crossroad

download [vbr v2]

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this week all releases will have their label description or other reviews, it's all good shit, I'm just too lazy to write this stuff in this fucking warm weather.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ymir - Hrimpursar

Cold and dark Atmospheric Black Metal arised in Italy. Beautiful strong composition, cold torturing vocals, well done melodic passages and all that covered in a huge ambient atmosphere. Just imagine that you'r alone in a dark forest, like in one of Tolkien's book, and you get a picture from Ymir's work. This is mandatory for all fans of Evilfeast, ColdWorld or a dark Atmospheric Black Metal!
One of my big discoveries this year...

Y: 2008 - B: Ymir - A: Hrimpursar - T: Demo

1. Nifelsmegir - 04:55
2. Caves Of Memories - 06:30
3. Balder's Omen - 05:12
4. In Melancholy Dream - 05:12
5. Mothernight - 05:15
6. Starway To The Valley Of The Gods - 05:06
7. The Eternal Return - 02:35
Total playing time: 34:46

Download / Info / MySpace
- limited to 100 copies and already sold out, but try to contact via mail -


Maryrdod plays some awesome as shit hardcore/crust black metal, the genres are really well combined and the sound of the band is just totally badass. Extremely recommended!!

2003 - Martyrdöd

download [192kbps]

2005 - In Extremis

download [vbr v2]

2009 - Sekt

download [vbr v2]

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Saturday, August 22, 2009


Another excellent blackened doom release, features the mastermind of Blood Red Fog. Lordamor creates some really sorrowful music; the sound reminds me of some great death/doom bands, the vocals low in the mix and the songs just full of heavy dark riffs. Simply an excellent release!

2009 - Lordamor

download [vbr v2]

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Arkha Sva / Chalice of Blood - Split

Split release between Arkha Sva and Chalice of blood. Arkha sva does their usual unique raw black metal with those crazy vocals, great stuff! Chalice of Blood is a new band from Sweden playing some straightforward satanic black metal, nothing special. Arkha Sva is always a great listen so at least get this split for their two songs.

2009 - Split

download [vbr v2 / 160kbps]

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Urna - Iter ad Lucem

Third album from this Italian blackened doom metal band. This album is brilliant; the music evokes a truly mournful atmosphere, slow passages with excellent use of keyboards; I don’t know what else to say, the whole album is just gold. Also, except for the vocals this is a pure doom metal album, and, in my opinion, is one of the best albums in the genre, as far as atmosphere goes, I heard in a long time. Mandatory!!!

2009 - Iter ad Lucem

download [320kbps]

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Motherfucker!!! This is the shit right here! Evil as fuck black/death metal perfection!!!!!!!!!!

2009 - Black Putrescence of Evil

download [320kbps]

2009 - Seven Chalices

download [320kbps]

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nekrasov - The Form of Thought from Beast

Excellent raw black metal from this Australian one-man band. The music has different elements that blend in perfectly as a whole; the songs go from atmospheric raw black metal to a more industrialized repetitive sound, the pounding drum machine adding to that nihilistic sound. There are also quite a few ambient songs that are also well placed. Basically the whole release features quite immersive, powerful songs. Highly recommended!!

2008 - The Form of Thought from Beast

download [320kbps]

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Todesstoß - Circle of Ouroborus - Tongue Carvings

A split between two excellent weirdo bands; I think the cover says more about this release then I ever could. Get this!

2008 - Tongue Carvings

download [vbr v2]

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nihill - krach

First album from this mysterious Dutch band (metal-archives & hydra head says norway but xorox assures me they're from Holland). Nihill performs some truly dark black metal mixed with ambient; the album is basically half metal half ambient. The metal songs very much remind me of Deathspell omega, well composed dynamic songs; the ambient songs are really menacing and are actually a nice counterpart to the metal songs. The music almost sounds like a mix of Nordvargr and DsO. An interesting debut!

2007 - krach

download [vbr v2]

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Kataxu - Hunger of Elements

If you like symphonic black metal you’ll like this, simple as that! Personally the album can get a bit tedious at times with all the epic songs, but it’s still quite enjoyable!

2005 - Hunger of Elements

download: [320kbps] | flac: part1 / part2

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Verge - Hatemagic

Incredible debut album from this Finnish horde. Awesome black metal, the album is full of incredible songs; the music is a masterfully composed, the band really has an unique sound and everything about the release is just pure quality. I don’t know how I missed this band ‘till now, but I'll be keeping a keen eye on them!

2008 - Hatemagic

download [vbr v2]

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Apud Inferos - Apud Inferos/The Roman Uprising

Debut album from this, unfortunately defunct, Italian one-man band. Apud Inferos plays some really badass raw black metal; the production is perfect with the grinding guitars, the constant pounding drums and even some keyboards in the background, the whole sound is just very powerful. Excellent stuff!!

2003 - Apud Inferos/The Roman Uprising

download [192kbps]

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Korgonthurus - Marras

Debut album from this Finnish band, features Corvus from Horna. mid-paced atmospheric doom laden black metal, only two really long songs here; the music is really well composed, although lacking in originality it is still extremely enjoyable. Corvus’ vocals really fit this kind of music and make this album just that much better. Recommended!

2009 - Marras

download [vbr v2]

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Livsnekad - Köttets Och Sinnets Biografi

Great doom laden black metal from Sweden; slow monotonous compositions of the highest quality. Excellent release!

2007 - Köttets Och Sinnets Biografi

download [320kbps]

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Warwulf - Forgotten Dreams of a Lost Empire

Warwulf is a U-States one-man band, which plays some caustic, old-school Black Metal that embraces the violence of old bands in the genre. Highly and 100% influenced by the French Black Metal scene, like Kristallnacht and Seigneur Voland. Recommended !

Y: 2008 - B: Warwulf - A: Forgotten Dreams of a Lost Empire - T: Demo

1. Burning The Traces Of Your Past - 02:15
2. Glorification Of War - 05:24
3. Embracing The Glory Of A. - 04:35
4. Upon The Ruins And Ashes Of Our Enemies... - 03:00
5. Shattered Dreams And Glass - 04:16
6. Aigle Conquérant : Titus Victorieux (Seigneur Voland cover) - 03:14
Total playing time: 22:45

Download or Download / Info / Buy

Nihil Nocturne - Entheogen

One of my favorite black metal bands around, this is their last album released last year. The album is a logical continuation of “Wahnsinn.Tod.Verrat”, this is incredibly unique occult black metal; the sound is very accessible but what I adore about them is the otherworldly dark atmosphere they can create; also, the artwork is, again, totally amazing and is a vital part of the whole release. An incredibly enjoyable album!

2008 - Entheogen

download: [320kbps] / FLAC: part1 \ part2

buy here

Friday, August 7, 2009

Aboriorth - Far Away from Hateful Mankind Plague

Debut album from this Spanish one-man band, released in ’07. Really excellent music here, dark and hateful black metal with top-notch song-writing, the album has both fast and slow songs and everything is filled with memorable riffs. Just pure quality, extremely recommended!

2007 - Far Away from Hateful Mankind Plague

download [320kbps]

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Forest Silence - Philosophy of Winter

Side project of Sear Bliss keyboardist this is their debut album from ’06. Epic atmospheric black metal of the highest quality, simple compositions over some amazing synth work, the atmosphere reminds a bit of folk black metal bands. Also a bit reminiscent of Gris and Sombres Forêts but more lively; can’t go wrong here!

2006 - Philosophy of Winter

download: [320kbps] / FLAC: part1 \ part2

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