Sunday, November 28, 2010

Trails of Anguish-Relentless Abhorrence Of Misery's Grievance

The people have spoken and here's Trails of Anguish's first EP. The first track is a bonus that they added on for the second addition abroad (ironically enough, it's probably the worst track on the ep).

Canadian tech-melo whatever black metal that's amazing. I'll upload similar projects by the members in a bit.

2001- Relentless Abhorrence of Misery's Grievance

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Disguster - Human All Too Human

Awesome new demo from one of our favorites; raw and unpolished yet with a hidden sense of melody, pure bleak rapture.

2010 - Human All Too Human

Download: RS / MF

Monday, November 22, 2010

Trails Of Anguish - Scarred Memento

Long broken up, Trails of Anguish were an interesting band who released two great eps. They're very similar (in terms of style, band members, etc) to Nefastus Dies and have friends in the French-Candian metalcore sceen (Despised Icon, on Dissonance, etc). I dig the shit out of this band. Hard to label, but I'd say melodic/technical black metal. Just give it a shot before you make any presumptions because I know it would sound like something I'd hate. But the vocals are amazing and the riffs are absurdly catchy and pleasing; not to mention this drummer is insane.

Here's the second ep, I'll upload the first if you guys dig it.

Scarred Memento- 2003

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