Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wholy Failure pt 2

Two more WF releases. Tree of Human Debris is noise and pyschotic black metal overtones. Good for doing lots of drugs to. The Black House is like Songs of Surrender, but with a more downtrodden attitude. It features a cover of Current 93's Soft Black Stars and Swans' Alcohol the Seed.

2011 - Tree of Human Debris

2011 - The Black House

rosaceae - rosaceae

This is a project of one of our readers. He descirbes it as Post-Black metal. To me, it sounds like the hybrid of Isolationist/DS black metal and Saetia (for those who aren't familiar with Saetia, they were a "screamo" band from the 90's. This is when screamo was a synonym for Chaotic Hardcore, not anime hair and overproduced douche shit music. Go to youtube and search for Venus and Bacchus.), with a touch of post rock. If you are a purist you might not like it. However, if you enjoyed Vestiges or Yellow Eyes, you'll definitely want to give this a spin.

2011 - rosaceae


This album was sent to us by the artist.

Celephaïs - Becoming The Deceased

"This is the first demo-release of my musical project Celephaïs. The demo is called "Becoming The Deceased". Musically it's some kind of PostRock-Influenced Black Metal or something. The demo is a digital release meant for free downloading, but maybe some discs will be pressed in the future"

This descripion says it all. Very well put together Post-Black Metal. My only gripe is the drum programming being a little too prominent in the mix, predominantly the cymbals. No vocals.

2011 - Becoming the Deceased


This album was submitted to us by the band.

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