Sunday, January 24, 2016

Grigax - Demo

"Grigax is named this to glorify a kid I went to school with named Adam Grigas, who 4 years after graduating, murdered his 40 year old girlfriend (his mom's best friend) with an Ax while under a psychotropic trance on halloween in 2008."

 When you blend a thematic statement like this with the music that's featured on this demo, its bound to entice weirdos like myself. Coming off as a varied mix of (the better acts of) depressive black metal, Dead Can Dance, and the darker Jarboe era SWANS, Grigax gives us a great and non-typical demo. AM's vocals mournfully flow through the darkness, a Hope Sandoval on heroin-esque performance over the bastard musical love child of Michael Gira and Codeine, all under the watchful eyes of Quorthon and Angelo Badalamenti. Other times seething with rage and bile, screaming towards none and all while guitars languish with malice and melancholy. Heartbreaking, scornful, devastating, enrapturing; a misanthropic voyage with great reward for undertaking. I can't wait to see what AM will do with her next recordings. Definite recommendation.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sangre Y Tierra - En La Proxima Vida

Happy new year freaks. This came out New Year's Eve, but it definitely ranks as probably the best of last year, even after the few listens I've given it thus far. SYT was pretty quiet for the past year, with Marv focusing more on other musical endeavors, but is back with a vengeance. This is a culmination of everything we've loved about every SYT record, taken to the max. Marv screeches, growls, rasps, shouts, and even throat sings the deeply personal lyrics in Spanish, while powerfully and beautifully wrapping the music around and through the length of the record. The bass stands out in a way that few black metal acts have it do so. This was worth the wait, and the send off 2015 needed.

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