Monday, August 15, 2011

While we are on the subject:

I have (re)started a new (old) blog for all things non-bm that me and my friends create, or demos that I receive that aren't quite what we strive for here:

This first post is another of the myriad projects I create, and I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys Death/Doom or just crushing music in general.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Perpetual Strife

Shameless promotion here. I've started another blog entitled Perpetual Strife. It's review oriented but will have tons of specials (interviews, features, etc) on all kinds of music from grindcore to black metal to ambient to punk.

Check it out!



Sunday, August 7, 2011

Abu Lahab - As Chastened Angels Descend Into The Thoracic Tombs

"Abu Lahab is a project I started back in 2000 under a different name but forced to change the name later fearing that my identity would be discovered after my first demo gained some local fame because of the strong anti Islam elements it contained. Lately, the music I make/ try to make is mostly an outlet for me to express my personal frustrations (religious, sexual, social...), my take on the occult and an escapist activity to better cope with my illness."

Yeah...this is one weird fucking record. It is lo-fi black metal mixed with industrial and noise, with the occasional sample or Islamic prayer thrown in, and some fucking video game music. I could see this as auditory schizophrenia. If you enjoy generally fucked up unmusic, noise, or darkwave, give it a shot.

2011 - As Chastened Angels Descend Into The Thoracic Tombs


This album was sent to us by the Artist

Friday, August 5, 2011

Book of Sand - The Bees and the Butterflies

So, Book of Sand takes old American and European folk songs and interprets them as black metal. Its a pretty cool set up. Lots of violin and atmosphere. The vocals are pretty low in the mix, but I had to find something to bitch about.

2011 - The Bees and the Butterflies

This release was sent to us by the artist.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yhdarl - Ave Maria

"YHDARL was formed in 2006 by D, doing everything, experimenting from suicidal black metal, drone, noise, funeral doom, ... In 2010, L (Larvalis) joined the project, doing insane female screams and inspiration of audial rape. With many free releases and some physical stuff available, YHDARL stood with a different, original banner of depressive music."

A nice and disturbing change of pace. The centerpiece here is the first disc, with two versions of "Ave Maria", the fifty-minute original and a beautiful and horror-filled orchestral version. The second disc contains a remix of the song, as well as two other originals and an Urfaust cover. Definitely grab this, dim your lights, and spend two and a half hours in another, more terrifying and grand place.

2011 - Ave Maria Download:
Disc 1
Disc 2

This release was sent to us by the artist

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