Friday, October 31, 2008

Fullmoon Bongzai - Noisense

Excellent new band from Greece, amazing psychedelic industrial black metal; Truly an original approach to the genre, almost all tracks feature sampled vocals by such artists as Diamanda Gallas (!!!!!), Jalacy Hawkins etc. three tracks feature Necroabyssious of Varathron doing vocals; lot’s of beats and the great fucked up composition make this album stand high out in the sea of generic bm. Really refreshing, unconventional music!
Highly recommended for all fans of “out of the box” music.

2008 - Noisense

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

SGHOR - In Nomine Christi, An Instrumental Journey

This is the new SGHOR, a Depressive Black Metal band from Poland. His previous master work can be found here...

Y: 2008 - B: SGHOR - A: In Nomine Christi, An Instrumental Journey

1. Heaven - 10:19
2. In God's Name - 6:26
3. I Believe - 9:18
4. Blessed By Maria - 6:41
5. Resurrection - 8:36
Total playing time: 41:20

Download or Download

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Morrigan - Headcult

Fourth album, this one is probably my favorite one. Unlike the other one I posted, the thrashy songs are basically omitted and the emphasis is on the epic mid paced songs. Lots of clean vocals and majestic passages make this one a real gem. Highly recommended to all fans of epic music.

2005 - Headcult

download [270(VBR)kbps]

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Morrigan - Enter The Sea of Flames

Second album by this excellent Epic black metal band; great mix between faster paced old-school black metal and really epic slower paced Bathory-like songs. The clean vocals are a real highlight as they make the songs truly majestic. A must for all fans of old school Viking black metal!

2002 - Enter The Sea of Flames

download [258(VBR)kbps]
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Monday, October 27, 2008

Nihil Nocturne - Necrohell

Excellent release by this German band. Although considered a full-length release I see it more like a compilation as it was recorded in two different sessions. The first four songs are more in the vein of their recent releases, dark well constructed pieces with superb use of keyboards creating a nice occult atmosphere. The second part of the album features a more stripped down sound, rawer in sound but just as good in execution.
Essential release!
[this is the tape cover, I've put it because I like it more then the one from the cd release; also wrong year on the tags, sorry about that]

2003 - Necrohell

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Wedard - Wo die Ewigkeit die Zeit berührt

It's here, a very expected stuff for this year! It's here, this is the new Wedard! For people who has no idea, Wedard is Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal with ambient elements from Germany/Bavaria. This album will be probably more Vinterriket as it was before, actually I don't know yet, but the album art is saying something in that way. There is nothing more to say, you know what to do. Feel free to write some comments...

Y: 2008 - B: Wedard - A: Wo die Ewigkeit die Zeit berührt

1. Black Hole Sagittarius Alpha - 06:51
2. Sternenfrost - 10:33
3. Die roten Nebelberge von Ophräzon - 09:27
4. Im Lichtrausche der Eisblume - 08:38
5. Wo die Ewigkeit die Zeit berührt - 09:42
6. Venus in Winter Dusk feat. "Dump" - 06:49
7. My Tribute to You Out There / Bonus Track - 05:08
Total playing time: 57:09

Download: Part1 & Part2, and Buy it.

Månegarm - Nordstjärnans Tidsålder

Debut album from this Swedish band, personally my favorite album of theirs. Great mix of really powerful black metal and simple tastefully used folk elements; although the best part of the album are definitely the strong raspy vocals, too bad this guy was only on this album.
This album is a great example how folky black metal should be done. Highly recommended!

1998 - Nordstjärnans Tidsålder

download [236(VBR)kbps]

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Ruins of Beverast / Urfaust - Split 7"

7” split from these well respected bands, The Ruins of Beverast is as amazing as ever, excellent well structured song with the great dark feel they usually create, very much in the vein of the songs from the debut. Urfaust’s song is just amazing, exactly what you’d expect from them, raw and epic in their own unique way.
With bands like these you just can’t go wrong!

2007 - Split 7"

download [192kbps]
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JANVS - Vega

I was waiting for this and now it's here, the new JANVS is out! Some says, that this is so far their most rich, unpredictable, musically and lyrically complex work. I don't know, my opinion, I like their previous album more. But maybe multiple listens will change everything, we'll see...

Y: 2008 - B: JANVS - A: Vega

- Total playing time: 49:05 -

Download and Buy it.

Malveillance - Insignifiance

D-beat black metal from Canada, I’m a total sucker for these crust-punk black metal bands and this album is right up there with the best. Excellent simple well composed songs usually not longer then two minutes, with some great raspy vocals. A must for fans of Bone Awl, Vordr and Akitsa.

2005 - Insignifiance

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Bosque / Senthil - Split

Nice release by these two acts, Portugal’s Bosque plays blackened funeral doom, very spacey composition with some haunting vocals; very atmospheric. Senthil from the states performs some tortured black doom; the highlight are definitely the truly abysmal vocals, all together making quite a psychedelic experience!
All in all a worthy release.

2006 - Split CD

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stutthof - Towards Thy Astral Path...

Excellent black metal from Greece, this is their first album; great composition with epic touches and piercing vocals; truly an amazing release. Highly recommended!!!

2003 - Towards Thy Astral Path...

download [320kbps]
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Kult Ov Azazel / Vrolok - Feast of Sacrilegious Impurity

Another great split release featuring Vrolok, this one is with Kult Ov Azazel; KoV performs some nice fast black metal, the live tracks are great, also features a Sodom cover; Vroloks material sounds a lot like Soul Amputation, which is great, pure raw dark black metal!!

2006 - Feast of Sacrilegious Impurity

download [235(VBR)kbps]
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Emit / Vrolok - Pestilence 1440 / The Divine Eye

Great split album between these two occult entities, Emit presents some of the most focused work I heard from them, not as abstract as the other works; they really create an eerie dark mood, personally some of my favorite songs by them are on this one. Vroloks side is pure dark black metal, the material is as good as any by them.
Another nice thing about this release is that both artists create a similar dark atmosphere, so it’s almost like listening an album by the same artist.

2005 - The Divine Eye / Pestilence 1440

download [239(VBR)kbps]
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Matricide - Black Mass Gathering

Satanic black metal from Sweden, amazing riff-driven album, the songs have excellent composition, the sound is perfect and it gives the album a real malignant feel. This is right up there with the best Swedish acts. Recommended!!

2004 - Black Mass Gathering

download [320kbps]
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Lifelover - Konkurs

New expected Lifelover album!
Their older stuff was posted before and can be found here...

Y: 2008 - B: Lifelover - A: Konkurs

- Total playing time: 59:25 -

Download or Download, and Buy it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Menace Ruine

Fresh blood from Canada, avatgardish raw black metal, truly amazing music.
From Tour De Garde: "Trance inducing mystical and rythmic music with a majestic aura"
From Alien8:"On Cult of Ruins one is subjected to a blend of super-intense sound layered with horrific howls and relentless blast beats, only to then be confronted with a melodic and haunting ambient approach that still retains immense power"
"In Vulva Infernum" must be one of the best demos in my collection, hope that says something. Highly Recommended!!!!

EDIT: New album is out, and it's amazing, it's a folky drone doom album with haunting female vocals and although different in execution from the previous two releases the atmosphere it creates is very much the same, so if you enjoyed "In Vulva Infernum" and "Cult of Ruins" I strongly suggest you get the new one, you won't be disappointed!

2008 - In Vulva Infernum

download [231(VBR)kbps]

2008 - Cult of Ruins

download [289(VBR)kbps]

2008 - The Die is Cast

download [320kbps]

buy here or here.

Blood of Kingu - De Occulta Philosophia

Another project from the grade and famous Ukrainian Black Metal musician Roman Saenko, leader of bands like Drudkh and Hate Forest. This thing is something different as we usually know from his production, but it's still a must for fans of this legendary musician. You should make your own opinion in this case...

Y: 2007 - B: Blood of Kingu - A: De Occulta Philosophia

- Total playing time: 28:16 -

Download or Download, and Buy it.
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Luftwaffe Raid - Empire

“concept” album by this mysterious American band, this is a “musical journey” of Nazi Germany through WW2; Excellent release full of great songs, the production is great and everything has a really nice crisp sound; The music is mostly raw dark black metal with some really great experimental touches that make it truly unique, also throughout the album are various samples of WW2 that create a nice mood.
A great, under looked, release that I highly recommend!

2003 - Empire

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Corpus Christii - Carving a Pyramid of Thoughts (EP 2008)

A new release by Corpus Christii.

Corpus Christii - Carving a Pyramid of Thoughts (EP 2008)


Darkthrone - Dark Thrones And Black Flags (2008)

New album by Darkthrone.

Darkthrone - Dark Thrones And Black Flags (2008)


Taake - Taake (2008)

A new album by Taake.

Taake - Taake (2008)


Saturday, October 18, 2008


Superb “new” band from Germany, Isolation is another one of the bands that fuses doom and black metal with great results. Incredible composition and production with some truly tortured vocals(Think Silencer). Also, one of the members is the owner of the excellent label “Choirs of Delusion”.
Quality all around!

2006 - Striding on the Path of Nihil
[Remastered version with additional guitar layers]

download: mp3@CBR 320kbps / FLAC

2008 - Isolation
[contains second demo and the "Hier am Ende der Welt" EP with additonal intro and outro]

download [320kbps]
FLAC: part1 / part2

2008 - Bleak (split w/ Austere)

download [320kbps]
FLAC: part1 / part2 / part3

buy here

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Lycanthropy's Spell - Glorification of the Night

Atmospheric black metal from Belgium, great release full of excellent songs that just ooze with atmosphere, the production is quite raw, but I wouldn’t have it any other way; the release has a really unique sound, something about the composition that really makes it special.
Released on a very nice looking red tape, definitely one of my most played tapes!

2005 - Glorification of the Night

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Trancelike Void

Great new band from Belgium consisting of Kilte members. Although they have only two releases out, both are very much worth your time. Trancelike Void performs some excellent slow atmospheric black metal, excellent composition that despite the repetitiveness never gets old; In my opinion this is better then Kilte, looking forward to future releases by them. Recommended!

2008 - Destroying Something Beautiful

2008 - What Night Brings... (split w/ Bosse)

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buy here / here

PS. the title of the debut (also the sample used on the last song) is taken from one of my all time favorite movies, which one? (no google)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ithdabquth Qliphoth - Demonic Crown of Anticreation

Raw Russian black metal, buzzing malevolent occult music with excellent vocals, nothing new but done right and with the right spirit!!!

2002 - Demonic Crown of Anticreation

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