Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nightbringer - Death and the Black Work vinyl bonus tracks

Two tracks from the debut that are only featured on the vinyl version, both kick major ass and make me want to get the vinyl even though I already have the cd.

2008 - Death and the Black Work vinyl bonus tracks
(The Somnambulist & The Nascent Gates of Twilight and Dawn)

download [128kbps]

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Death and the Black Work

Reverend Kriss Hades - Paganini, Bloodlust, Static Age

Quality weirdness from the “number one extreme metal avant-garde electronic guitars”. Seriously, this is excellent material with loads of atmosphere; just imagine Keiji Haino doing black metal, I don’t know how else to describe it. A must for all fans of dark avant-garde music!

2006 - Paganini, Bloodlust, Static Age

download [128kbps]

The Wind Of Orion Pyramids Of War

Vérzivatar - In The Shadow Of Sombre Clouds

Melancholic black metal from Hungary; the band uses the simple formula of very effective monotonous riffs and repetitive drumming, add to that excellent wailing vocals and you got a killer release!

2008 - In The Shadow Of Sombre Clouds

download [vbr v2]

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Very nice atmospheric doom laden black metal from Russia. The music is graced with some really great melodic passages and excellent keyboards, reminds me a bit of Sleeping Village; I just found the drum machine a bit tedious, not that it’s that bad, I just think real drums would sound a lot better with the somewhat “organic” music.

2008 - Forest Lake / Cold Outside

download both here [320kbps]

Nightbringer / Temple of Not - Rex Ex Ordine Throni

Split release between Nightbringer and a related ambient side project. Nightbringer is probably by now known by most people, especially after the killer debut; energetic dark black metal with amazing raspy vocals, a real occult maelstrom! Temple of Not delivers two nice dark ambient tracks, excellent in their own right but feel a bit out of place with the black metal songs. This is a real gem right here, if you’re new to Nightbringer this is an excellent place to start.

2005 - Rex Ex Ordine Throni

download [abr@201kbps]

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Firth of Damnation - Carpe Diem

Second album from this excellent usbm band. I really love the style of FoD, short songs with no filler creating a unique epic sound. Quite an underrated band in my opinion, well worth checking out!
Also, if you missed it, get his other ’08 release here.

2008 - Carpe Diem

download: [320kbps] [FLAC 1/2]

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ash Pool - For Which He Plies The Lash

New album! Incredible progression over the already awesome debut with more clean vocals, excellent epic passages and even some folkish sections (first song). If you want raw black metal with a unique sound, look no further!
I like how this year started, first the Burzum album and now this, hopefully it will continue like this.

2010 - For Which He Plies The Lash

download [m4a@213kbps]

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more 1 / 2

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fleshpress - Pillars

Fleshpress is absolutely one of my favorite bands. Picture Darkthrone teaming up with Grief and you've got Fleshpress. Pillars showcases a true marriage of black metal and sludge, and oh how beautiful it is. Dark spacey passages, slow trudging riffs, evil/strained vocals, thunderous drums, A Blaze in the Northern Sky styled midsections and monumentous build ups are just some of the highlights. Mikko of Clandestine Blaze, Deathspell Omega, Sabbat Mater and 4,000 other bands plays drums here and does an amazing job.

Doing Finland proud, Fleshpress really come out with a powerful, absorbing and destructive album. A must for anyone who enjoys the slower things in life (there's even sludge blast beats.... it's truly amazing).

2007 - Fleshpress - Pillars
Download [256]


Friday, February 19, 2010

Hail - Crimson Madrigal

Awesome black metal from the US; the music is extremely raw and with a heavy dose of experimentation, similar to L'Acephale yet with an own sound. There are also some really well made folk ambient interludes that add to the strange atmosphere. This is a very interesting and hard to swallow release but rewarding in its own right. Also features a Ulver cover.

2009 - Crimson Madrigal

download [320kbps]

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ofermod - Tiamtü

Here’s a release I really didn’t like when it came out, but decided to give it a listen recently and found it to be quite an engaging listen. The music has some death metal overtones and the production is nice and clean, the song-writing is great but really needs a good couple of listens to really sink in, mostly, in my opinion, due to the vocals that dominate the whole recording.

2008 - Tiamtü

download [320kbps]

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rex Mundi - IHVH

Debut album from this mysterious French band, released in ’05. Excellent raw black metal, well composed and with great vocals that range from growls to insane screams; also, the music creates a mystical atmosphere thanks to the various religious chants used as interludes. Highly recommended!

2005 - IHVH

download [192kbps]

buy here (not yet available)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bael - Deathly Pale

Raw as fuck black metal with insane vocals, that’s all you need to know, mandatory!!!

2002 - Deathly Pale

download [192kbps]

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Infernal Stronghold/Woe- Land of Piss and Poison

Here's a pairing of two great acts from the US. Woe plays a midpaced organic style of black metal with a nod to punk. Melancholic vocals and riffs that are catchy and memorable. Similar to Vordr, but better if you ask me. I love this track.

Infernal Stronghold's a recent favorite of mine, playing a brand of black metal heavily influenced by crust punk and thrash. Venomous vocals with a huge punk attitude, d-beats and a very blasphemous sound, Infernal Stronghold combine elements of crust with black metal perfectly. Two tracks offered on their side, black metal with a sense of fun and translates great live. And you just can't go wrong with a song title like "urban blasphemy."

2007- Land of Piss and Poison


Friday, February 12, 2010

Spear of Longinus - Rune / Goetia

Latest ep from this interesting Australian band, released in '08. Chaotic raw black metal with a thrashy vibe, at times reminds me a bit SadEx only more simplistic; for some reason I found this release fucking awesome but I have no doubts many won’t enjoy it.

2008 - - Rune / Goetia

download [vbr v2]

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Contra Ignem Fatuum - Detritus

Debut EP from ’05, features a member of Drear. The album features only one long black metal song; the music focuses mainly on atmosphere, the guitars and keyboards create an overwhelming sound and the repetitive drumming adds to the trance inducing nature of the recording. Even though quite short this is well worth the listen

2005 - Detritus

download [vbr v0]

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sleeping Village - Fragments

Excellent atmospheric black metal from Italy. This EP is a real improvement over the “Mourning Persists” demo, the sound is "full" and clear with a great flow, also the album is graced by some beautiful clean passages creating a unique mood quite different from the early demos. Very much recommended!!

2010 - Fragments

download [vbr v2]

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Garden of Sadness - Travesty of a Human Being

Slow despair filled black metal from this Polish one-man band; far from original yet quite enjoyable with a steady consistent quality throughout the album, for fans of Hypothermia, Regnum and the like.
Thanks to Wraith from Dunkelheit for the recommendation

2009 - Travesty of a Human Being

download [vbr v0]

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Eldrig-Everlasting War Divinity

Another USBM act from the west coast, Eldrig combines beautiful synths with super fast drums and catchy, attention grabbing riffs. A repeating, or slightly altered theme acts as the glue between the varying sections throughout the album. Epic and orchestral in nature, Eldrig avoids the cheesiness of typical symphonic black metal.

2007- Everlasting War Divinity

Monday, February 8, 2010

Disiplin - Molti Nemici - Molto Onore!

Latest compilation from Disiplin, features early material along with new songs; the songs from Vama Marga are the absolute highlight here, the sound is like a mix of Rebel Extravaganza Satyricon and Obtained Enslavement, fucking amazing material! The newer stuff is almost the opposite as far as sound goes, featuring heavily industrialized songs that remind more of Blacklodge. All in all a nice compilation, looking forward to hear what the new material will sound like.

2009 - Molti Nemici - Molto Onore!

download [320kbps]

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Leech/Funeral Pyre-The First Book of Kings

Great split showcasing the almighty Leech and Funeral Pyre. Two great USBM acts, Leech from Cascadia, incorporate strong bass and production to create a very melodic and "upbeat" sound. Funeral Pyre offer a much cleaner production and write an extremely catchy and great song.
A recent favorite of mine, buy if you can find it, quite limited. (I accidentally named the file The Funeral Pyre, correct that please).

2006- The First Book of Kings

Necrofrost - In a Misty Soar and on its Swampy Floor

Debut album from Necrofrost; pure old-school black metal, nothing much to say here, simply a great release!

2000 - In a Misty Soar and on its Swampy Floor

download [vbr v0]

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blackeon lightharvest

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sadastor - Herald of Confusion

Excellent symphonic black metal from this from this long forgotten French band. Well composed music with an incredibly clear sound considering this is a demo; there are some really memorable songs here, the only fault are the occasional weird clean vocals, but that’s a minor point, overall, this is a great release! Also worth noting is the amazing hand-made packaging of the re-release, Faunasabbatha usually does exquisite work with their releases.

1998 - Herald of Confusion

download [320kbps] [flac 1/2]

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Nocturnal March

Awesome black metal from Germany, this is their second album released in ’04; dynamic fast songs with really killer riffs, everything tightly executed with some of the best female vocals out there. Total support!!

2004 - Nocturnal March

download [320kbps]

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

We Pass Like Night, From Land to Land

Amazing split featuring two American gems.

Leech is another Cascadian act, folkish in the same way WITTR are (which means not much) and better. One vast song that twists and turns for twenty minutes. Interesting and varied song structure, strong production echoed wails, beautiful guitar riffs and very organic sounding. For fans of other Cascadian acts, and really anyone who calls themselves a fan of black metal. above and beyond music here.

Thou's one of my favorite bands, each thing they put out is just amazing. Sludge doesn't do them justice, as some songs are in the vein of Eyehategod, some incorporate brilliant touches of post rock, and with this release, we see a strong black metal influence and attention to atmosphere. This is one of the best splits I've ever heard, period

The recent repress on vinyl is beyond gorgeous. 2 pins, a patch, a poster and the beautiful artwork along with white vinyl for Americans and there's a German version which I assume to be just as beautiful. Really worth the money.

2008/9-We Pass Like Night, From Land to Land
Download [320]

Buy here for North Americans or here for Europeans.


Defuntos - Nada é Eterno

The 3rd album includes the most intensive and lugubrious recordings in the well known melancholic tradition of Defuntos. The topical main theme of all songs is the beauty, grief and profundity of death. Slow, deep and sad melancholic melodies worship the prevalence of death. The atmosphere of the album is cold and impressive like bleak wind of a old cemetery with old forgotten gravestones. The occultism and the preoccupation with dark old cemeteries behind Defuntos makes them to a serious ambassador of death. After some few rumors that Defuntos record the vocals in a old crypt, everyone should decide itself if those stories are true after listening the album... Get some black candles and listen this masterpiece of black occult art only in darkness and on somber places.

2009 - Nada é Eterno

download [128kbps] [320kbps]

buy here

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Aderlating - dying of the light

Something slightly different, this is a new project from Gnaw Their Tongues / De Magia Veterum mastermind Mories. The music is a mix of dark ambient, drone and noise, except the first track that also features some chaotic black metal; the atmosphere of the release is dismal, this is total audio darkness. All fans of dark music need to check this out!

2010 - Dying Of The Light

download [vbr v2] [320kbps + scans]

Monday, February 1, 2010


Hey guys, I'll be posting here and there some stuff I hope you find interesting. If grind/power vioelnce's your thing check out my other blog Chainsaw Justice for reviews and downloads.

Anywho, here's Boreal, another Cascadian band, who now goes by the name of Wake (they've done a very good split with Skagos which I'll post eventually). Same kinda vibe as other bands of the scene (Skagos, Fauna, Leech, ETC) ambient, folkish at times, black metal. Intensely atmospheric stuff here. Very limited tape run from Eternal Warfare (a who's who of the Cascadian scene) Enjoy!

2009-Boreal-The Battle of VOSAD

Download [192]

Buy Here (out of stock I believe, but email him, that's how I got mine)


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