Sunday, November 30, 2008


There are bands out, which are truly dangerous, insane and realy out of mind. Personally I never heard something so strong, confused and insane as Spektr. Spektr is a two man band from France, these guys are playing some Experimental-Psychedelic-Industrial-Brutal Black Metal-Ambient. You should not listen to this kind of music alone or in the late night hours, truly, you can get a brain damage from that :) So my advice, do not put this in your Mp3 players, just on your own responsibility. My highest non-recommendation for ordinary peope !

Y: 2004 - B: Spektr - A: Et Fugit Intera Fugit Irreparabile Tempus / No Longer Human Senses - T: Full-length

1. No Longer Human Senses - 09:30
2. Post Fatalism - 04:18
3. Reveal The Four Seals - 05:07
4. Nothing's Been Worth Saving (The Procession) - 05:41
5. A Return To The Flesh - 05:37
6. Wizened Hand - 08:14
7. ...With Only One Eye - 02:06
8. Confusion / The Persistence (Ending Contakt) - 06:48
Total playing time: 47:21

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Y: 2006 - B: Spektr - A: Near Death Experience - T: Full-length

Download link by brendo333
Alternative Download link


B: Spektr - A: Near Death Experience - T: Video


Y: 2007 - B: Spektr - A: Mescalyne - T: EP

1. Hollow Contact - 06:43
2. Mescalyne - 05:37
3. Maze of Torment - 04:57
4. Revelations - 05:41
Total playing time: 22:58

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nibiru - Demo 2004

First and only release by Nocturnal Overlords (ex-Crimson Moon) project; This is pure occult atmospheric black metal / ambient. Half of the demo is black metal and half ambient, no vocals are used everything is instrumental, and the atmosphere created is spot-on; Very much in the vein of earlier works by Crimson Moon; Really incredible dark music, hopefully we’ll see more of this project.

2004 - Demo

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Dawn - Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)

Mandatory compilation by this incredible Swedish horde; started out as a death metal band (The Eternal Frost) but later changed their sound to a more melodic black (death) metal sound similar to Dissection, Noctes or Sacramentum. This release covers basically all of their discography (emitting two early demos) and needless to say it’s essential stuff!

2004 - Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)

download [320kbps]: part1 / part2

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Goatmoon is a one man black metal band from Lappeenranta, Finland.
Goatmoon was created in spring 2002 from the ruins of BlackGoat’s old band Count Lähde(-99). First recordings BlackGoat made by him self, but in some point of summer ‘02 joined drummer T. Bloodvengeance, who played on the half of songs on the first demo. On the early winter of ‘02 Bloodvengeance left the Goatmoon. BlackGoat has recorded six demos by himself during the years 02-05. First full length album was brought to moonlight late winter ’04 released and distributed by Werewolf records. Infos on Metal-Archives

Goatmoon - Demo (2003)


Goatmoon - Death Before Dishonour (2004)


Goatmoon - Finnish Steel Storm (2007)


Morte - Irresponsible Misanthropic Existence

Punkish black metal from Italy, really short ep with four songs, there's really not much to say, 10 minutes of pure simple crusty black metal, quite enjoyable; A must for fans of Malveillance, Bone Awl and the like!

2007 - Irresponsible Misanthropic Existence

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Famous compositions, beautiful long songs, huge freezy atmosphere, unique cold and powerful tortured vocals. Ladies and gentlemans, this is Veil, a Atmospheric Black Metal band from U-States.
My highest recommendation for this !

Y: 2008 - B: Veil - A: Sombre - T: Full-length

1.To Die Alone - 09:51
2.Resilience - 10:53
3.Mater Maternis - 06:07
4.Renewal - 07:07
5.Hope - 08:14
Total playing time: 42:13

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Y: 2004/05 - B: Veil - A: Dolor - T: Demo/EP

1.Suicide Winds - 03:57
2.Dirge - 07:20
3.I Follow - 08:52
4.Ea, Lord of the Depths (Burzum cover) - 04:56
5.Suicide Winds (Reprise) - 02:42
6.*Endless Night - 11:39
*Bonus Track
Total playing time: 39:26

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sombres Forêts

Great new one-man band from Canada; Sombres Forets plays slower paced majestic atmospheric black metal; excellent use of synths, usually in the background to create a dark mood, also prominent is the use of the acoustic guitar, quite a few songs feature tastefully done acoustic breaks. The new album is particularly good, there’s a distinct improvement over the great debut.
[Special thanks to Dimaension X for recommending me this]

2006 - Quintessence

download [320kbps]

2008 - Royaume de Glace

download [320kbps]

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Toil - Obscure Chasms / Under The Axe Vol.4

Debut album from Lurkers (ex-Vrolok drummer) main project, he’s aided by Wraigh of Nazxul fame. Rawish dark black metal, the first half of the album is more melodic in a post-punk kind of way, while the second part is on the rawer side. The production is great and there are some really memorable parts, the biggest downside is the short length of the release, the last song is basically a 10 minute outro, a bit unnecessary in my opinion; that aside, “obscure chasms” is a quality debut and I’m looking forward to future releases.

2007 - Obsucre Chasms

download [320kbps]


An excellent compilation featuring mostly black metal with some thrash and doom bands. All the songs are exclusive, although I’m posting this mostly for the Toil song the other songs are just as good, especially by Esprit Dérangé, Marks of the Masochist, Black Vomit & Brobdingnagian. It’s good to see a smaller label doing this kind of compilation, recommended!

2008 - Under The Axe Vol.4

1. Sacrificial Blood - Lethal Dose (NME Cover) 2:16
2. Toil - Distorted and Venomous Visions 5:49
3. Meridian Pain - The Knights of Revelation 4:01
4. The Wizar'd - Free Country (Witchfinder General cover) 3:05
5. Godless - ...For Satan 1:56
6. Marks of the Masochist - 3:24
7. Talk Sick Earth - Stupid People 2:09
8. Giamon - The Old Buried Memories (Short Version) 7:41
9. Enbilulugugal - Reeking of Diseased GoatBile 2:43
10. Taberah - Dying Wish (Live) 5:28
11. Esprit Dérangé - Démence 5:22
12. Black Vomit - Demons in the Black Smoke 7:45
13. Dead...Again - The Sniper 2:38
14. V.A.C.K. - Cérémonie Occulte (Invocation) 2:34
15. Infinite Missiles - Order 66 2:12
16. Brobdingnagian - Dreaming in Circles 4:41
17. Volkermord - Exploitation of Human Tragedy 3:48
18. Tjolgtjar - Paapankamwa 2:14
19. P.V.D. - Ultimate Oblivion 2:04
20. Thrasher - Knife Time In Anaheim 4:45
21. Sermon of Foulness - Beast of the Hex 3:12

download [213(VBR)kbps]

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lux Occulta

One of my favorite bands from Poland. Lux Occulta performs unique, challenging, majextic and emotional music that very few bands can recreate. My personal favorite is “My Guardian Anger”, truly an amazing piece of symphonic / melodic black metal, which through the years hasn’t lost a bit of its brilliance! The other releases are just as good, the debut has some excellent doom elements, and Dionysos is definitely a classic in the genre. On the last album they turned to an avant-garde sound, mixing elements of trip-hop, jazz & industrial with extreme metal, a great album, but in my opinion not on level of their previous releases.

1996 - Forever Alone, Immortal

download [248(VBR)kbps]

1997 - Dionysos

download [320kbps]

1998 - Maior Arcana: (The Words That Turn Flesh Into Light)

download [320kbps]

1999 - My Guardian Anger

download [320kbps]

2001 - The Mother and the Enemy

download [320kbps]

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Blackdeath / Leviathan - Totentanz II / Portrait in Scars

Split album between the Russian Blackdeath and Leviathan. Blackdeath performs some rather average black metal, the vocals are good, but the drum machine basically kills it for me; definitely not their strongest moment. Leviathan’s side on the other hand is pure brilliance, the material is in the vein of “10th sublevel…”, the songs are really great; and “mine portrait in scars” is definitely one of my favorite Leviathan songs.

2005 - Totentanz II - Portrait in Scars

download [320kbps]
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nazxul / R.I.P. Greg Morelli

Legendary Aussie thrashers MORTAL SIN have issued the following update:

"Our long time friend Greg Morelli, guitarist of NAZXUL was tragically killed in the early hours of Thursday morning November 20th in a motorcycle accident. As many locals would know a huge storm hit Sydney last night and Greg was riding his motorbike home and hit a greasy wet patch on Parramatta road North Strathfield.

Greg's death will be a huge loss to the Australian metal scene and of course the international black metal scene. The new Nazxul album had just been completed and Greg was really looking forward to getting back out on the road and we had also talked about the possibility of heading over to Europe for some shows next year. Greg explained to me that the new album was sounding like they finally wanted to sound like, and was really proud of what he had achieved.

I hope all the black metal fans out there will raise their horns tonight for Greg. Rest in peace mate, you're a fucking legend."

A sad sad day for (black) metal, but his work in Nazxul will live forever!!! Rest in peace.

1995 - Totem

download [192kbps]

2002 - Live

download [192kbps]

2003 - 4 Spears In God's Ribs [Split w/ Krieg, Necroplasma & Goat Semen]

download [215(VBR)kbps]

2004 - Develish Purification [Split w/ Melek-tha]

download [320kbps]

2005 - Black Seed
[Includes Black Seed EP, 1994 Demo and two live tracks]

download [199(VBR)kbps]

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Iuvenes / Leviathan - Live In Eternal Sin / The Speed Of Darkness

First split release by Leviathan, with the Polish horde Iuvenes. Iuvenes plays old-school black / Viking metal, in the vein of Bathory; nothing special but done right. Leviathan’s part is, unsurprisingly, the highlight; tortured black metal with amazing atmosphere. The production is more distorted and dirty then other Leviathan material, and it just adds to the overall feeling of despair. Definitely one of my favorite releases by Wrest!

2003 - Live In Eternal Sin / The Speed Of Darkness

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Behexen & Satanic Warmaster - Split (2008)

Great are the days when unions like this can be witnessed! 2 leading names of the Finnish Black Metal scene join on this release to cast visions of the end, each offering 2 spells. Gatherered is the demonic black aura of BEHEXEN and the reaping werewolf darkness of SATANIC WARMASTER

Behexen & Satanic Warmaster - Split (2008)


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Non Opus Dei - VI: The Satanachist's Credo

Third album from this great underrated band, NOP performs excellent “modern” black metal, closest musical comparison would probably be “the exhibitionists” release by Secrets of the Moon. The musicianship is top-notch, and the overall production is great; the release comes with a 20 page booklet with very nice artwork. A release worthy of your time!

2005 - VI: The Satanachist's Credo

download [252(VBR)kbps]

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Monday, November 17, 2008


One of my favorite Japanese bands, Gallhammer plays a great mix of black / doom with crust;
The composition is simple but incredibly well done; the production is great, lot’s of distortion creating a lifeless dark atmosphere. Highly recommended!!

2003 - The First Reh-tape

download [128kbps]

2003 - Gallhammer

download [267(VBR)kbps]

2004 - Endless Nauseous Days

download [128kbps]

2004 - Gloomy Lights

download [254(VBR)kbps]

2007 - The Dawn of... [CD & DVD rip]

download: CD [245(VBR)kbps] / DVDrip

2007 - Beyond The Hatred

download [160kbps]

2007 - Ill Innocence

download [320kbps]

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