Sunday, January 31, 2010

Miserere Luminis

Excellent collaboration between Gris and Sombres Forêts; those familiar with these names, hopefully everyone, know what to expect. Quality from beginning to end, this is a unique and engrossing release that perfectly merges the two bands into something new. Highly recommended!!

2009 - Miserere Luminis

download: [vbr v0] [flac 1/2]

buy here / here

Amazarak - Comando Blasfêmia

More excellent black / thrash from these Brazilians, this is their second demo and it’s just as good as the debut, absolutely killer stuff! Also features a great Bathory cover.

2005 - Comando Blasfêmia

download [192kbps]

Defuntos - A Negra Vastidão das Nossas Almas

Second full-length from this Portugese band, very similar to the debut, just better. Slow raw black metal done right!

2008 - A Negra Vastidão das Nossas Almas

download [256kbps]

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Marblebog - Csendhajnal - Silencedawn

Debut album from one of this excellent Hungarian band. This release features some of the finest atmospheric black metal around, simple, slow and repetitive; also worth mentioning are the two ambient tracks that are in my opinion the best part of the release, pure trance inducing bliss! These tracks and generally the ambient material released by Marblebog (Wind of Moors for example) are simply on a level of its own! Mandatory!!!
I just described the first six tracks of the release that are on the original Csendhajnal album, the rest of the release features older material that is rawer but also well worth listening.

2004 - Csendhajnal - Silencedawn (2006 CD version)

download [320kbps]

more: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blacklodge - T/Me [3Rd Level Initiation = Chamber Of Downfall]

More industrialized black metal from Blacklodge, a logical continuation of their previous albums, only a bit too short for my taste but still a must for all fans of the band!
This album has been released together with the new Abigor as a double LP, since both releases deal with similar lyrical themes.

2010 - T/Me [3Rd Level Initiation = Chamber Of Downfall]

download [vbr v2]

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Abigor - Time Is the Sulphur in the Veins of the Saint...

New Abigor album! Avant-garde industrial black metal, very interesting and much better than the disappointing Fractal Possession; the music actually sounds like an industrialized version of newer Deathspell Omega. With only two songs, both clocking at almost 20 minutes, this is a challenging listen but ultimately worth the effort, just don’t expect the same band that released those early albums.
After this I might even give Fractal Possession a spin, maybe I’ll like it better this time around.

2010 - Time Is the Sulphur in the Veins of the Saint...

download [vbr@192kbps]

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I got reminded of this awesome band after extensive listening of the new Ride For Revenge (which is somewhat reminiscent of early Barathrum); here's the whole discography, every release is recommended, without a doubt one of the best and most consistent bands from Finland!

1991 - From Black Flames To Witchcraft [320kbps]
1991 - Witchmaster [160kbps]
1992 - Battlecry [320kbps]
1993 - Sanctissime Colere Satanas [320kbps]
1993 - Sanctus Satanas [192kbps]
1995 - Hailstorm [320kbps]
1995 - Eerie [vbr@250kbps]
1997 - Jetblack [320kbps]
1997 - Infernal [256kbps]
1998 - Devilry [192kbps]
1998 - Legions of Perkele [vbr v4]
1999 - Saatana [320kbps]
2000 - Okkult [320kbps]
2002 - Black Flames And Blood [192kbps]
2002 - Venomous [256kbps]
2005 - Anno Aspera: 2003 Years After Bastard's Birth [vbr v0]
2009 - Long Live Satan [160kbps]

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zmrok - Svjatlom Zaginuuszaga Dnja

Excellent straightforward black metal from Belarusia; nothing new, but well composed with some really memorable songs.

2005 - Svjatlom Zaginuuszaga Dnja

download [320kbps]

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Disguster - Esoterrorism

New demo from the madman behind Disguster. It's not as "psychedelic" as Flesh and Fear, actually being a pretty straightforward raw black metal record. The third song, Cold and Savage, would not sound at all out of place on Malveillance's later albums. Good shit .

2010- Esoterrorism


Saturday, January 23, 2010


Raw black metal from the US apparently connected with Furdidurke, they only released several rehearsals. The music is somewhat melancholic black metal, almost sounds like early Celestia but rawer, there’s potential here that will hopefully get out once they release a proper demo or album.

2008 - Rehearsal

download [320kbps]

2008 - Cirrhus

download [320kbps]

2009 - Reh. May 2nd 2009

download [320kbps]

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fallen Temple - Hell's Realm

A real hidden gem here from this forgotten Dutch band featuring Countess members. This is really weird (in a good way) doomy black metal; the fucking insane vocals and strange keyboards create a truly queer atmosphere that you don’t hear often, highly recommended!!!

1992 - Hell's Realm

download [160kbps]

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Amazarak - Ascensão Do Anticristo

Fucking awesome Brazilian thrashy black metal, a real surprise here from this new band; killer riffs, great vocals all with a distinct old-school thrashy vibe, check’em out!!

2009 - Ascensão Do Anticristo

download [vbr v2]

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Njiqahdda - Alkas Nortii Maane Solbaartu - Aski

One of the 2009 Njiqahdda albums, this one features two black metal songs and one huge droning ambient song with lots of field recordings. Basically nothing you haven’t heard from these guys, the black metal songs really crawl under your skin after repeated listens but the ambient centerpiece will probably put off a lot of people. Definitely not their best, but worth a listen!

2009 - Alkas Nortii Maane Solbaartu - Aski

download [vbr v0]

buy here

Inferno Requiem - Gloomy Night Stories

Sinister, hateful wailing from the deepest level of Chinese hell, Inferno Requiem's first album - Gloomy Night Stories is definitely the most furious black metal album ever released from Taiwan! Opposite to the bombastic symphonic melodic style of its country mate Chthonic, Inferno Requiem blends the raw Norwegian old school black metal with the theme of gruesome Chinese ghost stories, images of traditional Chinese hells of torture, and atrocious spiritual encounters from Fog Blashyrkh himself. 10 songs of grim, frostbitten black metal with torturous vocal under the shadow of great eastern ancient evilness, this is the first sign of Chinese Mythological Black Metal!

2007 - Gloomy Night Stories

download [abr@192kbps]

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Attila Csihar mixtape

D from the new blog stick to the cause did an incredible job of compiling more than 5 hours of music with Attila Csihar on vocals, a must for fans of this incredible vocalist!

Attila Csihar mixtape

part1 / part2

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sancta Poenas - Artificiell Gnosis

This is the new release by the Swedish Depressive Rock / Black Metal band Sancta Poenas. It's given for free on their MySpace page, but it can be ordered as well in a very limited physical form. But probably just via mail. Anyway, give them a try, they are very good! For the previous release go here...

By the way, that cover is sick, I like it.

Y: 2009 - B: Sancta Poenas - A: Artificiell Gnosis - T: EP

1. Artificiell Gnosis - 04:34
2. Jag, vem är jag? - 02:25
3. Aldrig - 04:48
4. Geschtonkenflopped - 04:30
5. Optimisten - 02:51
6. Svårmod - 06:16
Total playing time: 25:24

Download / Info & Buy / MySpace

Friday, January 15, 2010

V-Kaos - Demo II

Great demo from this new Swedish one-woman band. Fucked up dark black metal, improvised dissonant music focusing everything on mood, basically sounds more like ambient with riffs. A really interesting release, hopefully he expands more on the ideas presented here, recommended!

2008 - Demo II

download [320kbps]

buy here

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Defuntos - Sangue Morto

Obscure and ugly black metal from Portugal. Simple slow compositions with a raw sound creating a truly desperate atmosphere, great stuff!

2007 - Sangue Morto

download [192kbps]

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dusken - Hateful

Great debut from this German one-man band, released back in ‘07; some excellent songs on this one, also has a killer Darkthrone cover.

2007 - Hateful

download [vbr v2]

buy here

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tenebrae in Perpetuum - L'Eterno Maligno Silenzio

Oh fuck yeah, one of last year’s strongest releases, similar to the previous efforts only this time the music is graced with some awesome clean vocals. Onori Funebri Rituali is still my favorite of theirs, but this one comes in close second. This is Italy’s finest, essential!!!!

2009 - L'Eterno Maligno Silenzio

download [320kbps]


Monday, January 11, 2010

Anal Vomit - Gathering of the Putrid Demons

Third album from this Peruvian horde playing excellent thrashy black metal; nothing new here, just pure old-school awesomeness!!

2009 - Gathering of the Putrid Demons

download [vbr v2]

buy here

Snötårar - Vredeslusta

Debut album from this Swedish one-man band, released in ’07. Black metal with a distinct Swedish sound that sometimes reminds me of older Setherial, the drum-machine is probably the biggest flaw here, although it does not take much from the overall impression. A decent release with a couple of memorable songs, worth a listen.

2007 - Vredeslusta

download [256kbps]

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Zorn - Menschenfeind II - A.N.

Newest album from this German horde. Powerful raw black metal with a killer sound making the music sound even more hateful; definitely one of the band’s strongest releases, highly recommended!!

2009 - Menschenfeind II - A.N.

download [vbr v2]

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Infernal Oak - Hymns of Splendour - Volume II

Third demo from the now defunct Infernal Oak. A short release with only three bm songs, the music is usually straightforward with some occasional clean vocals; the third song has some really beautiful passages. A decent demo, I uploaded this because there are maybe some people like me that are curious of past bands from one of the current members of Absu.

2001 - Hymns of Splendour - Volume II

download [192kbps]

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Through the Pain - Time Heals Nothing

Words of Through the Pain:
'' The mind of Baelvect crawls behind the desolate chords and screams of
this therapeutic and existentialistic project. Risen from the scars, seeping
through the mind and finally bleeding the path towards clarity. In 2007
together with the band Trist a split EP was released. The continuation of
the foundations found through this artistic expression is now finally to be
heard and manifested through - 'Time Heals Nothing'. It's a wound that will
never heal, it's an invigorating pain that will never end. ''

For Depressive Black Metal fans.

Y: 2009 - B: Through the Pain - A: Time Heals Nothing - T: Full-length

1. Dwell in Agony - 11:45
2. No Way Out - 07:25
3. Absence of Will - 08:24
4. Time Heals Nothing - 09:39
Total playing time: 37:16

Download / Info / Buy / MySpace

One Master - The Quiet Eye of Eternity

Excellent release from this US band, this is their second album, released last year. Pure straightforward black metal; the music is nothing revolutionary but highly enjoyable. This album actually reminds me a lot of Leviathan, probably because of the vocals that are quite similar to Wrest’s. Anyway, good stuff, check it out!

2009 - The Quiet Eye of Eternity

download [320kbps]

buy here

Friday, January 8, 2010

Intra Tenebrae - Thorns & Barbed Wire: Finding The Beauty In Suicide

Killer full-length from this British project. Raw, post-Burzumic atmosphere, with what sounds like a coked up Xenomorph (you know, the fucking alien from Alien) doing vocals (and I mean that in the most awesome way possible). The last two tracks stay raw, but keep the speed up. Like the two long tracks on Krieg's Patrick Bateman EP. This album was a gem last year and no one fucking knew about it. Check it out now and enjoy.

2009 - Thorns & Barbed Wire: Finding The Beauty In Suicide


Only twenty of this beast were pressed. good luck...

Common Grave - Il Male di Vivere

Debut album from this Italian band, released in ’08. The album is enjoyable, the music fluctuates between more straightforward riffs to slower melodic sections; the strong parts here are definitely the more atmospheric sections, which are tastefully composed, when the music speeds up it usually just gets bland. Overall this is a worthy release, definitely a lot of potential here!

2008 - Il Male di Vivere

download [320kbps]

buy here

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Orrery - Nine Odes to Oblivion

First and only album from this mysterious Australian band. If you’re into instrumental and/or atmospheric black metal this is for you, a really excellent release. The music has a raw rehearsal like sound and with the lack of vocals creates a unique mood. Highly recommended!!

2008 - Nine Odes to Oblivion

download: 320kbps / flac 1|2

buy here or here

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sadistik Exekution

Just noticed there is no SadEx here, this post fixes that. Anyone who doesn’t like them can go fukk himself.

1987 - Demo (192kpbs)
1991 - Sadistically Executed (vbr v2)
1991 - Suspiral (224kbps)
1991 - The Magus (320kbps)
1994 - We Are Death... Fukk You! (192kbps)
1996 - Demon With Wings (320kbps)
1997 - K.A.O.S. (320kbps)
2002 - Fukk (192kbps)
2004 - Fukk II (vbr v2)

download all here: part1 / part2 / part3

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