Saturday, January 6, 2007

Opera IX

Opera IX is one of the more unique bands to come out of Italy in some time. Unlike a lot of present-day Italian bands (many of whom are in the power/prog metal field), Opera IX's style is an intriguing and original mix of black, doom, and goth metal, with excellent songwriting and highlighted by vocalist Cadaveria (until recently, as mentioned below). She is quite a find, able to transition from beautiful soprano to goth crooning to death growls and black rasps, often within the same song. Her vocals, along with the interplay between keyboards and guitars, set this band apart, there's not really any other band that sounds like this. The songs are long but never boring, as the band gracefully transitions from one section to the next, effortlessly changing mood from softer passages to aggressive riffing. An ethereal mood pervades over much of the music, often quite haunting (this is where the goth comparisons come from). It took a few listens to get into this band, but the more one listens, the more one appreciates them.

Opera IX - The Call Of Wood [ 1995 ]


Download here

Opera IX - The Black Opera [ 2000 ]


Download here

Opera IX - Anphisbena [ 2004 ]

Download here

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