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Blasphemy (Canada) - Fallen Angel of Doom

The Canadian outfit known as Blasphemy was formed in 1984. They are known for creating a small subgenre known as "War Metal". Each member does not go by their real name, but rather, a long and evil alias. Blasphemy is considered a black metal band, and while the guitar riffs/solos and blast beat drumming certainly fit the black metal mold, the vocals have a more death metal edge to them, similar to Von or Sarcofago. They are recognized as being one of the first, if not THE first, band to play black metal in Canada, at a time when few metal scenes around the world had even heard of black metal.
Despite the fact that their releases are few in number, and they have not released a full length album in over 10 years, Blasphemy is not broken up as of this writing. The members still rehearse from time to time.

Blasphemy (Canada) - Fallen Angel of Doom [1990]

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