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Russian band, one of the better known from the BlazeBirth Hall lot; Branikald plays excellent atmospheric black metal, they really have a unique style although not very varying since quite a few albums sound similar to each other. There are also sung parts on some albums, they are especially prominent on the last release. Personal favorite is definitely their first release, Stormheit. Highly recommended for fans of raw, primitive and atmospheric black metal.

1994 - Stormheit

download [320kbps]

1995 - To Kampf

download [320kbps]

1996 - Рдяндалир - Rdjandalir

download [ogg@320kbps]

1996 - Varg Fjerne A Tornet

download [256kbps]

1997 - Av VinterKald / Winterkald

go here

1997 - Kveldulv

download [256kbps]

1998 - Life Betrayal To The Life Denial

download [256kbps]

1998 - Хмель Мизантропии / The Mead of Misanthropy

download [256kbps]

1999 - Хладавзор / Blikk Av Kald / Frost Vision

download [320kbps]

2000 - ВдохновеньСтрун НатутаСталь / The Strings of Inspiration Sing

download [256kbps]

2000 - Раздувая Тинг Ветров - Rising up the Thing of the Winds

download [192kbps]

2000 - Тингов наслаждаясь распрей - Ravished by the Battle of Things

download [192kbps]

2001 - Триумф Воли - The Triumph of the Will

download [256kbps]

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Demogorgo January 11, 2009 at 8:46 PM  

Thanks for this post, there are some poor quality rips floating around.

Great band, totally deserving this post, though the final album should have been released as Nitberg.

SolitaryEve January 13, 2009 at 4:09 PM  

Thanks a lot!

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