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One of the most interesting and unique bands in black metal, Anubi was formed back in ’92 and released a couple of demos and a full-length before splitting up due to the untimely death of the main guy. The band’s demos are just pure gold, unique black metal, extremely well composed songs that just have a truly special atmosphere. The debut on the other hand features very little black metal, it’s more avant-garde metal, a logical progression, and needless to say it’s a fucking classic! Mandatory!!!!!

1993 - God's Pantheon (Reissue)

download [320kbps]

1994 - Mastabos Dvelksmas

download [256kbps]

1995 - Mirties Metafora

download [320kbps]

1996 - Sutemus Skambes

download [160kbps]

1997 - Kai pilnaties akis uzmerks Mirtis

download [vbr v0]


Anonymous July 27, 2009 at 12:17 AM  

This is indeed an excellent band. I haven't listened to all the demos yet, so thanks for posting.

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