Monday, April 26, 2010

Ceremonial Castings - Salem 1692

Frankly, I'm shocked this band isn't somewhere on Attila. They've become somewhat big, or least drawn significant attention, and for good reason. When put down on paper, many attributes of Ceremonial Castings would piss me off: a very digital sounding guitar distortion/vocal effects, female vocals, cheesy synth and faux-orchestral stuff. And yet, Ceremonial Castings is fucking awesome. Yes it's fair to call CC symphonic black metal, but they're cut from the same strain that early Emperor was. Phenomenal guitarwork (interesting leads, riffs, catchy and atmospheric) powers each song as the drums rarely drop below super fast, keyboards are garnishing on the cake and the vocals are delightfully diverse (ranging from black metal shrieks, death metal growls, to mid range post produced tones).

Anyway, I'd hope that my personal vote would do something to persuade you as the only two symphonic bands i like are Emperor and Goat Horns Nokturnal Mortum. The opening track, "Where The Witches Waltz," "Obsidian Spells Of Hysteria," and "Onwards To Gallows Hill" amek the album worth it alone.

Ceremonial Castings - Salem 1692 - 2008

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