Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eald - Through a world impatient for my death

Eald was brought to existence on the year 2001 by the hand of Heolstor, with the only purpose of delivering a message of discontent and perpetual frustration towards human kind. Thus, a first demo tape entitled “Fire shalt purify our land” was released by the german label Splendour Prod. , presenting a rather primitive and direct approach to Black Metal. The demo was surprisingly well received in the underground scene and several interviews were answered.

After putting the band in ice for a while, in winter 2009 Heolstor decided to continue his work with the band, but this time with a slightly different approach, perhaps a more artistic one. The songs present the same weariness towards mankind as before, but have gained in variation and complexity. Therefore, he requested the help of Ravager for the recording of a new demo, entitled “Through a world impatient for my death”, composed by four new tracks showing the evolution in the band’s sound.

The band is currently looking for a label to release their upcoming material, and any serious zine can ask for a promo copy or send their interviews.

This is for now definitely one of the best demo’s I’ve received, fast black metal with really killer song-writing, well worth a listen!

2010 - Through a world impatient for my death

download: RS / DF


this release was submitted to us by the band.


Andrew June 24, 2010 at 1:44 AM  

This is really good stuff. Do you know where i can get a copy of the Fire shalt purify our land demo?

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