Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wholy Failure - Avalon and Everything After

Easily the most personal record I have put out under any project, this record was the result of a severe loss, too much Maker's, and a completely hopeless attitude. On this one, the post-punk side shines through more than on the prior records. The B-side of this album is the beginnings of what I have dubbed Suicide Pop, which I'm exploring more with my new recordings under my own name. Broken Limbs Recordings was supposed to release this on tape as well, but the asshole who runs Like Glue Records/tape production fucked them over (and if you are reading this you fuck, I'm still debating coming to VA and hitting your smug face with a splitting maul), so we've put it on temporary hold.


Anonymous July 26, 2012 at 10:35 AM  

Thanks for this great blog. I recently went to this black metal festival in a youth house in Denmark. Most of the audience was at least 40, some even above 60. The bands was also to light on top. We we were all stuck in this time trap from the nineties. All wore t-shirt and badges from the same Norwegians band, which was hot nearly to decades ago. Me and my friend discussed if the black metal was the past. I decided to make a research on the web, and was happy to find this blog. Nice to see, that there is still a healthy underground black metal scene. I'll definitely check a couple of these bands out some more.
Thanks, I've added you to my blogroll at

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