Friday, August 24, 2012

Night - Offerings

There are bands who can make due with a drum machine and there are bands who can't. Obviously the level of skill with programming and the quality of the program or physical machine you use has some degree of influence in that, as well as the quality of the mix, the way the song is written, and the style of music being played. Night performs "instrumental music that draws heavily from Doom, Ambient, Postrock, Blackmetal & Noise music." A few thoughts for Night: If you are going to continue playing this style of music either A) get a real drummer. They are kind of a pain, due to the taking up the most space, and their incessant whining about how little trim they get. Or B) practice your programming and mixing. It just sounds like doo-doo. The music could be. If you are going to not continue on with this style mixture, just stick with the ambient/post-rock sound, you do it much more convincingly than the black metal/doom stuff. Its not all bad news though. There are some really interesting ideas and some songs are pretty dece, just the bad drums overwhelm it.


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