Monday, July 13, 2015

Kormeth - Despond

This may be the worst guitar sound that I've heard in a long time. Sounds like it was played with a first act guitar through a 2 watt practice amp (the shitty solid state ones) and recorded with a computer mic. Its so thin and non-realistic and just noodles on pointlessly and tunelessly. Also the mixing seems to be an issue as well. If you are going to feature midi instruments, you want your music to either sound as good or the midi to sound as bad as your recording. This is just a mess of superclean synths and midi vox over said superthin guitars, bass that stands out (of the mix, and the song, but not in any sort of way you'd want) and surprisingly decent vocals. I get the feeling that this is supposed to be experimental but only the bass really succeeds in sounding put together, and ends up overplaying over everything else. The leads are just out of tune jazzy noodling. Its like getting your dick sucked by someone with a mouth full of bitting ants (or for a less fucky example like getting your dick sucked by a teenager with braces and no clue how to suck a cock). Yes, its still a blowjob, but its so bad and painful you'd have been better of just rubbing one out or learning how to fuck your own ass. This is kind of up its own ass, but going limp at the same time. A little more time to focus on songwriting, a lot more cohesiveness on the mixing, better guitar playing, and reign in the bass, and this project could improve a lot. Until then, pass the lube.


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