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1349 rose from the ashes of Alvheim in 1997, with Ravn (vocals & drums), Tjalve (guitars), Seidemann (bass) and Balfori (guitars). Balfori quit shortly after due to musical differences.Then the band realised they needed another guitarist and found Archaon whose speed and technique took their music to a new level of intensity and brutality.1349 decided to record a new promo showcasing their new material and Frost of Satyricon was asked
to lay down the drums tracks to get the speed required. Frost was later so impressed by the new material that he asked to join 1349 as a permanent member. 1349 represents one of the rising stars in preserving old-school black metal. In keeping with old values, the production is very thin, with the drums rather oddly mixed and the guitars sounding heavily distorted and buzzy. These guys aren't reinventing black metal, but they are as good if not better than the bands that obviously influenced them. their first full-length album Liberation, an exhausting, hyperspeed blast of old-school black mayhem (no pun intended), featuring an inhuman drumming performance from Frost and some of the meanest riffs heard in some time. They have released 3 full length album till now.

1349 - Liberation [ 2003 ],

1349 - Beyond the Apocalypse [ 2004 ]

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1349 - Hellfire [ 2005 ]

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