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Ukrainian Black Metal band Lucifugum formed in year 1995 by ideological leader Khlyst and musicians Faunus (vocals) and Bal’a’myth (guitar and bass). Faunus left band in year 2001 after recording “and the wheel keeps chrunching” and Bal’a’Myth died in year 2002 after “Stigma Egoism”.

Albums “…back to chopped down roots” and “Sociopath: filosophy cynicism” recorded by session musicians.

Lucifugum - Gates of Nocticula [ 1996 ]

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Lucifugum - Nakhristikhryaschakh [ 1999 ]

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hui July 19, 2007 at 11:23 AM  

Lucifugum (Ukr)

Genre(s): Black Metal

Lyrical theme(s): Anti-human ideology, Satanism

Origin: Ukraine (Zhitomir early, Nikolaev now)

Formed in: 1995

Current label: Propaganda

Status: Active

Current line-up:

Khlyst (Igor Naumchuk) - Lyrics and music creation

Stabaath (Elena Naumchuk) - Vocals, all guitars and bass

Former/past member(s):

Bal-a-Myth - Guitar, bass (R.I.P 27/12/1974 - 05/10/2002)

Faunus - Vocals


Gates of Nocticula --Demo, 1995

Path of Wolf --Demo, 1996

Skvoz Ravnodushnoe Nebo --Demo, 1997

Nakhristikhryaschakh --Full-length, 1999

Na Kryuchya Da V Klochya --Full-length, 2000

...A Koleso Vse Skripit... --Full-length, 2001

Kleymo Egoizma --Full-length, 2002

...Back to Chopped Down Roots --Full-length, 2003

Sociopath: Philosophy Cynicism --Full-length, 2003

Vector33 --Full-length, 2005

The Supreme Art Of Genocide --Full-length, 2005

Involtation --Full-length, 2006

Additional notes:

All lyrics by Khlyst, music by Khlyst and Stabaath.

Khlyst - the founder and the permanent leader of the band, the single one who has remained from the original line up of 1995 l.t. and who was invisible all these years.
The visible members were: Faunus, who left the band after recording of ``... And The Wheel Keeps Crunching... `` and Bal-a-Myth, who died during his sleep in 2002 l.t.

Stabaath has become the part of the band since the album "`Vector33" where she recorded vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards. In past Elena was a vocalist of Black Metal band from Nikolaev. The name of the band is unknown. To be rumoured that she has left that band in order to become the member of Lucifugum.

Igor Naumchuk used to have close ties with Nokturnal Mortum. Nokturnal Mortum dedicated to him their album ``To the gates of Blasphemous fire``. Now all relations are stopped due to different ideological views.

Igor and Elena Naumchuk are the owners of Black Metal label Propaganda.

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