Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Norwegian Black Metal.

Most black metalers forget to even recognize this band somehow in the whole maze of exploding black metal frenzy of the 90's, I don't know why, i simply love the fact that their a different band from the whole darkthrone clones of the era. Formed in 1993 nowadays this band is Death/Black (although their latest album is a back to roots black in its entirety).

Gehenna - First Spell [1994]

Download Here

Gehenna - Seen Through The Veils Of Darkness (The Second Spell) [1995]

Download Here

Gehenna - Malice (Our Third Spell) [1996]

Download Here

Buy if you like!

NOTE: I wil be posting only the first 3 albums, if someone wants the other ones (which are more in the vein of Death/Black metal), leave a message in the chat and you will receive them somehow...


Rizzelet March 2, 2009 at 11:23 AM  

I'd love to get a hold of their two newest albums. Either one would be great (Murder [2000] or WW [2005]) and much appreciated.


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