Friday, May 9, 2008

Infernal War

Infernal War is the audial essence of pure inhuman terror, a soundtrack to genocide. The band stands for the extermination of weak and ignorant human masses, being neither a political band nor NSBM group. Infernal War supports wars, genocides, murders and the total death of this beautiful modern world…
The band’s style started as fast Marduk-esque Black Metal, but by the turn of their 2nd album they had adopted a more Death Metal influenced sound in the vein of Angelcorpse.

Infernal War is not political and has no ties with the NSBM scene whatsoever.

Fast and chaotic. Enjoy!

Infernal War - Infernal SS (2002)


Infernal War - Terrorfront (2005)


Infernal War - Redesekration (2007)


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