Saturday, May 17, 2008

Y3K - Retribution

Y3K is a Spanish Black Metal band from Valencia.
In March 2001, they composed their first single “The Four Arms of Astaroth” and recorded it at home with a very bad sound. They sent that version to a local music contest just as a joke, not even thinking that their demo could be selected. But it happened, and they were chosen to play live in a local television programme.
After that little success the project Y3k stopped for some years, until April 2005, when the two founders of the band decided to record their single “The Four Arms of Astaroth” in a professional studio. Some musicians were added to the original formation for the recording: Sacha, a great guitarist of extreme music in the national scene and The Angel, one of the best bass players of Valencia.
Although in the early, home-version the keyboard parts were already done, but in July, Y3k was lucky to have the best dark orchestra composer in the country join them: Rhadamantys, the leader of the internationally famous power metal band “Opera Magna”. The last one to join the band was the drummer: The Lord of the Sea, who is also the sound engineer of Y3K.
At August 2006, Y3K recorded a 4 songs promo-demo named ‘The Shogun Has Returned’. The demo was sent to a few labels, and at October 2006, Y3K signed with the prestigeous Black Metal Record Label “Battle Hymn Records.”
At the beginning it was going to be just the recording of one single, and now it has became a consolidated band. During 2006, Y3K has composed a full set of songs and intends to show the whole world what they are able to do in their full length debut CD with Battle Hymn Records.

Y3K - Retribution (2007)


Interesting, recommended.


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