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Heartless is a black metal band from China. Formed in early 2003. The band consists two members, gutarist and vocalist Slash Lu, Bassist Sandman Wang. Slash Lu writes the lyrics and Sandman Wang design the artwork.
At first they play war black metal just like Marduk. At Feb 2004 they made the first demo <Something Of Death> for 8 copies and all sent to their friends.Late 2004 Slash Lu decided to change their genre to suicide black metal. Then they made the second demo <Endless Suicide> in CD and limited in 50 copies. The China indie label Dying Art started interested in them and invited the band to join the black metal split <348?>. Now the band is in recording their first album. Slash Lu said it will like empyrium and ulver's second album.

Heartless - Endless Suicide (EP) [ 2005 ]

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