Monday, November 24, 2008

Toil - Obscure Chasms / Under The Axe Vol.4

Debut album from Lurkers (ex-Vrolok drummer) main project, he’s aided by Wraigh of Nazxul fame. Rawish dark black metal, the first half of the album is more melodic in a post-punk kind of way, while the second part is on the rawer side. The production is great and there are some really memorable parts, the biggest downside is the short length of the release, the last song is basically a 10 minute outro, a bit unnecessary in my opinion; that aside, “obscure chasms” is a quality debut and I’m looking forward to future releases.

2007 - Obsucre Chasms

download [320kbps]


An excellent compilation featuring mostly black metal with some thrash and doom bands. All the songs are exclusive, although I’m posting this mostly for the Toil song the other songs are just as good, especially by Esprit Dérangé, Marks of the Masochist, Black Vomit & Brobdingnagian. It’s good to see a smaller label doing this kind of compilation, recommended!

2008 - Under The Axe Vol.4

1. Sacrificial Blood - Lethal Dose (NME Cover) 2:16
2. Toil - Distorted and Venomous Visions 5:49
3. Meridian Pain - The Knights of Revelation 4:01
4. The Wizar'd - Free Country (Witchfinder General cover) 3:05
5. Godless - ...For Satan 1:56
6. Marks of the Masochist - 3:24
7. Talk Sick Earth - Stupid People 2:09
8. Giamon - The Old Buried Memories (Short Version) 7:41
9. Enbilulugugal - Reeking of Diseased GoatBile 2:43
10. Taberah - Dying Wish (Live) 5:28
11. Esprit Dérangé - Démence 5:22
12. Black Vomit - Demons in the Black Smoke 7:45
13. Dead...Again - The Sniper 2:38
14. V.A.C.K. - Cérémonie Occulte (Invocation) 2:34
15. Infinite Missiles - Order 66 2:12
16. Brobdingnagian - Dreaming in Circles 4:41
17. Volkermord - Exploitation of Human Tragedy 3:48
18. Tjolgtjar - Paapankamwa 2:14
19. P.V.D. - Ultimate Oblivion 2:04
20. Thrasher - Knife Time In Anaheim 4:45
21. Sermon of Foulness - Beast of the Hex 3:12

download [213(VBR)kbps]

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