Saturday, November 8, 2008

No Future For Democracy

Compilation from ‘06, almost all songs are exclusive, features quite a few bands; the whole release is mostly raw black metal, truth be told I haven’t heard any other material by most of this bands. Personal standout songs are probably by Hexenkreis, Nordreich, Woodsmarch and Division Hagal although the entire compilation isn’t half bad. Another release for those into raw black metal.

2006 – No Future For Democracy

1. Hexenkreis - L'Avancee de la Peste 7:48
2. Amalek - Irminsul 6:21
3. Schwerizeit - Schwert und Blut 3:08
4. Rabennacth - deutsches Leid 6:50
5. Nord Dron - Krieg gegen die Menschheit 5:22
6. Asatru Barenwut 4:11
7. Nordreich - des Feindes Sinnen 4:56
8. Wolfstyrann - komm in mein Reich 4:02
9. Division Hagal - Holocaust 4:17
10. Algiz - die Krieger des Sieges 4:29
11. Wolfsbaum - sie Starben 4:56
12. the true Frost - Beyond the Portals to Darkness 5:09
13. Branstock - sturmt voran 3:41
14. Aryan Art - В Механата 4:01
15. Menegroth - Imperium Solaris Lucifer 5:59
16. Black Berserk - Kampfzeit 3:01
17. Freitod - Vernichtung der Pest niederer Rassen 5:08
18. Woodsmarch - Ancient Flame Awake 4:03
19. Alptraum - die Spuren des Chaosdamon 2:51
20. Kriegskult - Grabenkampf 3:08

download [320kbps]: Part 1 / Part 2


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