Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cityscape Drawn in Black Ink - Line 0 EP

Where the fuck did the term "depressive rock" come from? And why the fuck does it refer to bands like Lifelover and CDiBI, who are DSBM/post punk combined for the most part, and not to bands that are depressive rock n' roll like Band of Horses, Carissa's Wierd, or Sinners and Saints? I just don't know. I've seen the name Cityscape thrown around very recently and have seen songs from his first EP get quite a few plays on last.fm and youtube. That first EP was more directly black metal, almost overwhemingly DSBM. This new EP is a different beast. He has talent, that's apparent. However, the Line 0 EP seems like someone tried to marry suicidal black metal and post punk, much like lifelover was able to, but much more harsh and jarring. I'm not 100% convinced this isn't a huge Kaufmaneque joke, the last track is their version of elevator muzak (entitled Hellevator) and their is a section in the third track with a person saying "Fuck youuu" in a childlike inflection which caused me to spit out my drink and laugh my ass off. Joke or not, at least the first track is good for what it is.


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