Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vox Clamantis - A Distant Blur

Vox Clamantis are an atmospheric black metal band. The atmosphere they are trying to present to us however is being stuck in the middle of a swarm of killer bees. You are really stoned and the bees are stoned too. So it sounds like a constant warbling buzzing. If you couldn't follow me in that rambling shit, let me break it down for you. I love the songwriting that Vox Clam is putting forth here (it actually reminds me a little of Lurker of Chalice), but this record has the worst high end I have ever heard. Its like they high shelfed everything but the drums at an extra 10dB, threw a reverb on it, a very fast chorus onto that, and then another reverb. They even suggest using the bass boost when listening to it. Again, this is far from a bad record, just a bad sounding one. I wanna see what Vox Clam can do with a solid low end and no oscillation above 10kHz.

2012 - A Distant Blur



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