Saturday, March 3, 2007

Count Nosferatu Kommando

Perfect reflection of this modern world, where terrorism, civil wars, and reality shows rule, the CNK is now arising from its suburban vault with its debut album ULTRAVIOLENCE ÜBER ALLES to make humans face this reality.
Stuffed with Clockwork Oranges, Jim Beam, 8 O'clock news, cynical nihilism and hellish good intentions, the CNK puts this world in the dock, without any possible way back.

Mixing bombastic effecient guitar riffs with ultraviolent Hellektro rhythmics, brutal vocals and martial atmospheres in a way that have never been done before, ULTRAVIOLENCE ÜBER ALLES is probably the ultimate warlike and modern release up to date.
A mix of Deicide, Skinny Puppy, Laibach, Slayer and the Sex pistols, all under acids and added to killer massive production.

Count Nosferatu Kommando : Ultraviolence Uber Alles [ 2002 ]

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ohtar April 29, 2010 at 1:25 PM  

Remastered and reissued with new cover art by Season of Mist on October 16, 2009
with the subtitle "Übercharched Edition" with eight remixes as bonus tracks
(artists in parentheses):
1. Political Police (Lower 48)
2. Jim Beamed Dum-Dum Khaos (Tangrum feat. Fixhead)
3. LK Nosferat Enjoy Crash Mix (MoMie)
4. (We Don't Care About) Kommando '96 (Herrschaft feat. Hreidmarr and MX)
5. Apology (Helel)
6. Get a Gun, Shoot at Random (Blackrain)
7. Love Game Over (Varsovie)
8. Bunkermoon Total War Mix (HIV+)

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