Friday, March 9, 2007


Ohtar first made waves with their demo "The Empire Of White Power." I'm not sure why, since you can barely hear a fucking thing on there, but fortunately the hype was not for nothing. Ohtar is one of the few Polish bands that has an identity independent of Graveland and that actually has a unique sound. Ohtar isn't really derivative of anything, managing to be brutal but still retaining a sense of melodic structure throughout. The compilation "Woodland Desolation" is essential black metal listening, appearing at number 18 on my "20 Best Black Metal Albums" list. Their followup "When I Cut The Throat" is also great, but has a more traditionally heavy metal bent. Ohtar is definitely one of the most promising bands in the Polish scene and is one to watch out for.

Ohtar - The Empire Of White Power (Demo) [ 1997 ]

Download here

Ohtar - Wolfschanze (Demo) [ 2000 ]

Download here

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