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Graveland is a Polish black metal band which was formed in 1992 by Rob Darken (Robert Fudali). Darken, who started Graveland as a solo project, was inspired by early black metal such as Bathory and Burzum's early works; but starting with "Thousand Swords", the band took on a powerful folk influence. As a result, later Graveland has sometimes been described as Viking metal or Pagan metal. Early Graveland lyrics were thematically connected to celtic pagan beliefs and were heavily anti-Christian, though with Graveland's development into an epic style, the lyrics have also thematically developed over time to glorify Aryanism ;then more recently, to glorifying Wotanism.

Graveland - Carpathian Wolves [ 1994 ]

Download here

Graveland - In The Glare Of Burning Churches [ 1996 ]

Download here

Graveland - Immortal Pride [ 1998 ]

Download here

Graveland - Creed of Iron [ 2000 ]

Download here

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