Sunday, March 4, 2007

Old Funeral

Old Funeral formed in 1989 and dissolved already by 1992. This is a band that is more recognised for the band members, rather than the music, compared by todays standards. With members who latter/already started infamous black metal bands such as Immortal and Burzum. This band is also one of the 1st bands to form in the Norwegian extreme metal scene. Among their influences were Carcass (UK) and Morbid Angel (US).
Demo - (1989)
Abduction of Limbs [Demo] - (1990)
The Older Ones - (1999)

Band Members-
Abbath - Bass, vocals
Varg Vikernes - Guitar
Jörn I. Tonsberg - Guitar
Ali Gator (Tore Bratseth)- Guitar
Demonaz (Harald Nævdal)- Guitar
Padden - Drums
Tyr - Drums

Old Funeral - The Older Ones [ Best Of Compilation 1999 ]

Download here

Old Funeral - Grim Reaping Norway [ LIVE 2002 ]

Download here

Buy it if you like it !!


Anonymous April 3, 2009 at 10:11 PM  

bom essas banda foi separada por burzum e immortal exelente death metal baixei os doi ja

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