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Havohej was formed by Paul Ledney after his former band, Profanatica, dissolved in 1992, having released only demos, EPs, and splits during its lifetime. Ledney recorded a Havohej demo in 1993 entitled "Unholy Darkness and Impurity". In 1994, Havohej's first (and to this date only) full-length, "Dethrone the Son of God" was released. This album featured some re-recordings of Profanatica classics, as well as entirely new songs. Paul Ledney was the only member of the band, but his ex-Profanatica bandmate Brett Makowski helped with some guitar and bass parts. The style was similar to Profanatica. Since then, Havohej has issued three EPs (two in 1994, one in 2000) which showcase a different style utilizing extremely distorted guitars and a focus on percussion and vocals.

Dethrone the Son of God + 4 EP

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