Friday, September 18, 2009

Pantheon - Paganuclear

Continuing where they left off with Aryan Rebirth, this album packs seriously awesome songs and again the song-writing is of the highest quality; the album is filled with energetic songs, but also features some slower parts that are just as enjoyable. Extremely recommended!
Also, be sure to check out some of the utterly ridiculous song titles on the album.

2009 - Paganuclear

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Charles D. Ward September 19, 2009 at 5:01 PM  

Intergalactic Führer. :D

They're talking about the Emperor from Star Wars?

HUANSOAHN September 22, 2009 at 3:11 PM  

the music is ok but these dudes seem to be dumb as horseshit!

RazorsEdge October 14, 2009 at 7:11 AM  

Pantheon-Paganuclear cd by Maze of Torment

This stunning epic is destructively mesmerizing from start to finish. Although, a bit long in length due to 13 songs(1 Hidden Track entitled:
Extermination/God's Holy Light as it is written in runes) in all. The first track "Forge of a New Aeon" allows the listener
to know what is to come with some dissonant industrial/post-industrial apocalyptic chants and then bursts forth into
"Atomic Feuersturms Over Vinland"(One of the best tracks on the whole lp) followed by Shadows of the Painted
Ones(A remake of Pretannoi an Taranus with astonishing clean viking vocal chants and barbaric background percussions),
Intergalactic Führer(Hyperblasting like never before heard in black metal genre before period), Howl of The Thermonuclear
Firewolves(Ear piercing howling guitar style never before displayed over a mesmorizing landscape), Of Cicadic Dirges(Actual
Cicada bugs sampled into this one), Nemesis Plutonium/Thuleus Tetramegistus(Industrial/chaotic nsbm), Above the White
Mountains Below Skyfire(A track reminiscent of early Graveland and Absurd with far superior modern recording sound),
Eurorebel(A semi-melodic instrumental track that starts slow and suddenly bursts into what seems to be an NSBM rendition of
the Confederate Battle Hymn of the South at high mach speed intervals never heard before), and the album is slowed down by
other tracks such as Yielding of Life(Very early Katatonia(SWE) style pulled off amazingly well), and Ragnarokian Twilight(A
folkish piece ala "Aryan Rebirth" era of Pantheon Vinland). Its outro is very well coordinated with the intro. I will let
the hidden track be a surprise as it is quite a startling one which must be heard along with the whole cd to be understood
fully. The Kings of NSBM have done it again this time even surpassing the unsurpassable Aryan Rebirth double cd.
Look out for what is about to be unleashed upon the world! Strong Survive Records only puts out the very best! The
German version on Hendrik of D.T.B. Germania/Absurd's version as a double cd with Führersland should even be further
evidence that great NSBM is still alive. I've only heard half of the equation and am still blown away every time
I put this remarkable cd in my stereo. This one is beyond a must even for those who simply like regular bm!


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